Earth and the Inhabitants are Going Through a Major Shift Right Now! ~ March 3, 2019

This article speaks to me, as I am also a higher dimensional being coming from the 6th dimension, agreeing to drop dimensions to the 3rd one. I did feel that my task was holding space, vibrations, I had a lot of downloads over the years, two in particular that I never forget. When a bright light descended into me through my crown chakra and a lightning bold strike in my heart chakra.

Rose Rambles...

Christina Lavers-Here
is the summary of the online session. Please remember each journey is
completely unique in terms of type of information accessed as well as
style of delivery. Sessions are often highly personal. This one feels
like it may be relevant to many so is being shared with permission and
personal details removed.

“Higher Dimensional Beings, Starseeds, Gaians, and the Projected People

Higher Self stated that this time is a very important shift in
consciousness and understood reality for Gaia, and her children, the
Gaians. The population of actual native Gaians consists of close to, but
not, half of the total population of Earth. Gaia and her children are
the actual ones who are truly experiencing this shift, the rest are here
to help or here to spectate. From what was being told to me, these
Gaians have almost always, if not always, incarnated here on this

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