Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? Whenever I read all those uplifting articles out there that brings hope… it does bring hope for a tiny spec of time until it goes by without a hitch and you feel yourself sliding back into the depression as if we are not moving forward at all.

This spiritual journey that we are now one, reminds me when you make a  trip with your parents and you don’t know how long it takes to get you there. After being underway a long time you get bored and here pops up the question: Are we there yet?

I know many people have said, it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey you are taking. The ups and the downs, the happiness and the crap…

Until I realize I am already there, because the destination is the journey we all are taking. And with this dawning on me, the question ‘Are we there yet?’ fades away. And this opens up a whole new journey, a journey of joy and exploration. Instead of saying ‘Are we there yet?’ we better say: ‘ Lets go on an adventure’.

Lets leap and go on an adventure, take everyday as an adventure.

Recently I have been very sick because of this incoming wave, also the people around me have been sick. It seems the energies are very high. Even last night I made a request to my guides to heal. I dreamt of a tree blocking my way, but a man was already busy removing the tree and clearing the path. This cannot come clearer to me.

And what about you? Are you there yet? Or are you going on an adventure?

Where you also affected by this incoming waves? Let me know.

PS: I also created a new page for 2019 in Dream flights for anyone to read. I hope you will enjoy my dream flights.

As always,

Love and Light


4 responses to “Are we there yet?

  1. Like you, dear Lisa, I’ve been feeling very sick, even not only once quite anxious and worried about this shell. Nausea is the permenant symptom, along with headaches and other issues. I have to rely on sunghite’s help for demagnetation and it works. Today is Full Moon, also our Lantern Festival, both the energy field and all the events feel dramatic, but mostly warm and uplifting. It’s also my very present course to learn even practice how to get along with my parents. None is perfect, but LOVE is great for we can embrace the flaws of each others. Today, I appreciate more the ones who love me and who help me to learn more about LOVE = Trust, Mutual Reliance, Understanding, Support, just like you are in my/our life !!!

  2. Thank you Arachanai, I too have felt slight nausea from the waves of energy coming in, sorry to hear you are one of the sensitive ones, thanks for the post, I hope this energy jump will leave you and the others as they say……… In the ‘Pink’.

    Much Love & Light……….. Alan


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