The Ugly Side of Ascension Nobody  Wants to Talk About

Infinite Shift

Are you feeling low energy, anxious, resentful, or overwhelmed despite the “magical” full moon eclipse? I’m typing this while cuddled in bed feeling physical pain and a foggy, gloomy state of mind. If you’re feeling like this too, I want you to know you’re not alone.

AND, it doesn’t mean your positivity, spiritual practice, and wise woman power are all f*cked up either.

The massive astrological alignments and 5D ascension shifts mean we are “jumping up a level” but why doesn’t it feel good? Especially when there are so many people posting blissful elation and joy, you may be judging yourself for feeling low… I know I’m struggling with that right now.

The truth is, with so many souls waking up in the world right now, we may be feeling the weight of what we have yet to process, compounded by the confusion, frustration and chaos the newly awakened are…

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One response to “The Ugly Side of Ascension Nobody  Wants to Talk About

  1. hi,me too. then bible verses plague me about the “taking turns” concepts.. it says while some are joying and elated others will mourn and cry and be angry..” then it says “then their sadness will turn to joy, while the others joy will turn to sadness”
    that right there..even that concept has me worried…its like flipping a switch rather than something “natural”? nonetheless its written about and is a real phenomenon…its happening… in any large group of people..standing together in the same mob at the same time. there will be a segment joying and a segment self berating themselves for not joying and in fact feeling quite depressed..well it must be part of ascension for it is only during these times I learn the really hard stuff…the TRUE stuff that isn’t even supposed to bring joy by its very nature.. the ugly stuff yeah.. its always about the things that destroy joy in fact and how to avoid them.. in the future…….its usually about people.. when I look back and see when I was joyful and when I wasn’t.. it was people who stopped the joy.. we want to keep the joy at all times from the beginning without even the memory of what ruins it? we will have to remove the obstacles… to it…imagine this happy soul spirit of joy is a lamp ..and we all must bask under it in joy.. there are things that keep blocking the lamp making shadows..we have to remove all that blocks the light.. allah says in quran he wanted to perfect his lampstand no matter how much “they” “detest: it..
    bible says David says he will not rest until there is a resting place for his lampstand…
    rev says Lucifer threatens to remove the lampstand from its spot..then it says he DOES remove it for she did not repent in “the space of time” he gave her…another verse in old testament says “I will put the lampstand back where it belongs”
    so all this jerking around of a lampstand… ??? is that why we also go through this?

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