American Kabuki: Pre-Ascension Exercise #3 The Heart Love Vortex

This exercise is one of the first I learned. It was originally taught to me by GW Hardin in 2012 when I was compiling the stats on banker resignations worldwide.

I was noticing some really strange and unsettling energies at that time, and came down with a very mysterious illness that landed me in the hospital in June of 2012.

GW Hardin told me to visualize a vortex coming from my heart.  And whenever I felt an energy that was very uncomfortable,  to visualize the vortex and some event, emotion or a pet or whatever that evoked a strong emotion of love in me.   GW told me this has two purposes, first it sends love to the person attempting to energetically interfere with you… second, if they persist in what they are doing, whether its remote viewing, remote influencing… you name it… it mirrors their energy back onto them.  Its entirely defensive in nature and does no harm, but it will also reflect harmful energy that should not be in your energy field of the human body.

When I first started doing this I did something that sounds kind of corny, but I will share it anyway for purposes of illustration. When I was a little boy in 1st or 2nd grade I used to get these little pink heart shaped candies from girls in the classroom on Valentines day.  They had nice little sayings on them like “I love you” etc… those of you in the USA know what I speak of.  Anyway that memory evoked a very strong loving energy in me…. so I used it. And the pink color is so outrageous its very easy to visualize.  You use whatever works for you… its not the the event or person or thing that is important only the emotion generated. I pictured a vortex of these candies shooting out of my heart chakra towards whomever was trying to mess with me.  You don’t need to know where they are or who they are, the universe knows and takes care of that because you are operation from love.

After I started working with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf I became conscious of working from a state of PURE LOVE energy and the power of doing so.   To see even those who work to harm this planet in pure love that Creator Source sees them.
The reason the “cabal” or “partners in contrast” generate so many awful events in world and ply the media with gore, fear and trepidation, is that they work from very low energies and they try to harvest that energy because they operate in a mindset of separation in which energy is scarce.  Most of them have been cut off from their heart connection to Source they don’t even know how to open it.  That connection is through the heart and love. They are of the mistaken belief that love is weakness, and they fill music and movies with tales of love being dangerous and will bring you harm.  They use anger, fear, combined with the use of will and think that is strength.   It is not.  These are short wavelength energies that are overcome and canceled out by pure love energy.  That’s why the sage from Galilee Jesus told people to “LOVE YOUR ENEMY“, for they have no defense against it.
When you are able to work from a pure love energy, giving love without prerequisite or condition, you have all the backing of the universe at your disposal.  You will never deplete your personal energy supply when you work from pure love, because that comes directly from Creator Source through your heart. The supply is inexhaustible.
So after I came to understand that principle,  I created variations of the above heart vortex which is not a defensive maneuver but one of assistance.  One variation is to couple a breathing exercise one might use in Yoga.  I found this one particular useful in send loving energy to people in emotional distress or in need of healing energy.
Lay down somewhere comfortable, or sit on a comfortable chair.   Breath in through your nose and in visualize pulling in pure love energy with each breath.  With each each exhale push that pure love energy out through your heart vortex to the person you have in mind.
Sometimes I mix this up a bit, or if I am having a bad day and kind of grumpy, I will “store the love energy” on the exhale for as many breaths as it takes (I say to myself on the out breath “store pure love energy”) and then after I feel it build up in me enough I then push it out in one huge burst through the heart chakra vortex.
Hope this helps you.  Have fun with it.
PS:  yes I know the man has no genitalia… LOL!!! the comments I get… have fun…

American Kabuki


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