The Merger of The Energy Of April and the Reflection of May

The Shift of Time and Energy!

The Wonder of You! How do you see yourself and the Life around you??

Happy May to everyone!!!  Yesterday was so filled with what the magic of May is, but really, it started presenting itself long before yesterday.  Somehow, in a way only the universe can do, my yesterday, May 1st, never got booked over by reschedules.  It was only this past week I realized it is a fully open day, I don’t have one of those left until towards the end of May.  Of course, me being me, the moment I realized I had a closer, open spot on my calendar, that’s where I started to put people from my latest outage… well, at least two people until I could hear my team bitching at me.  I forgot I have things I must get done and need free time to do it, like… get my cooling fan on my computer fixed before the…

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