Aster via Andrea Scully: Perception, Trust, and Channelings – Part 1

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Andrea: Hello, Aster. Can we have a conversation today? I’ve been feeling like speaking with you for some time, but the time didn’t seem right somehow.

Aster: Yes, in this now is ever a good time to commune with us. There’s time for communing and there’s time for silence and integration. We would suggest that you may trust when it’s time for every purpose.

This leads me to something I’ve been thinking about quit a bit lately. It seems to me like the issue of trusting oneself to know what is true is coming strongly to the forefront for many, many people right now. This is a passage I’ve already been back and forth with for a very long time, but I don’t perceive this is so for a whole bunch of other people and there’s a feeling of discomfort in the communal mental/emotional field over it. I can feel this nearly all the time right now.

Aster: And so it is. We would say that this is a part of passing through the ‘eye of the needle’, which is represented by this time and space. As a path-cutter, you’ve already been passing back and forth through this narrow passage for a long time, and this is what path-cutters do.

This issue of perception and what may or may not be trusted is one that’s being brought up and out of the unconsciousness of the many at this time. It’s an issue which asks for the foundations of belief within the being to be reexamined and reconfigured in the case of the individual and ultimately in the case of the community.

The issue from our expanded view is one that is very much connected to how mature an individual is in a spiritual sense. We say this without judgment, as there’s no right or wrong in this, no matter where the consciousness may choose to go. However, there’s a point of maturing in consciousness that happens at some point, and in this there’s a realization that there’s always a choice.

This choice point we speak of is one where the being may understand there’s a difference which is profound between only responding to what is perceived to come from ‘outside’ and what is perceived as coming from ‘inside’. In this realization we speak of, is the knowing that accepting responsibility for what is on the ‘inside’ must precede any ability to experience the magic entailed in the Divine Law of free will and what will be experienced on the ‘outside’.

Ok, there’s something here that’s very important, can you expand on this further?

Aster: Yes. What we’re pointing at is the reality that exists beyond the concepts of in and outside of the self. Remove the concept of separation and imagine how one may choose to be responsible for how any given situation may play out. One may choose to focus on whatever details are playing out in any given situation. Who is responsible for this?

Take this further and contemplate how bringing the highest level of personal ownership to every moment and every interaction may change all outcomes.

We watch carefully and see that many are unhappy with the outcomes. The shift required to powerfully change outcomes will come from the shift that is possible within the many when more ownership in each moment is achieved.

Wow. This is a big deal. No wonder there’s such an outpouring of discomfort I’m feeling in the collective field right now. I know plenty of people who just want the discomfort to disappear. I don’t think it’s that popular of a notion that we will be the ones who will change it ourselves.

Aster: And yet, who will embody the changes on Gaia? Who will cut the pathways to allow for a journey between the old ways of thinking and the new ways?

The old ways of thinking are based on denying the inherent power of the consciousness in one’s self. The issues of trust are foundational to this shift, and the trust that’s needed is the trust based on one’s own ability to perceive what’s true and real.

Looking carefully for validation is one thing, but relying solely on the perceptions of others isn’t going to repair the faulty foundations of the collective belief systems which are still strongly attached to the perception that the truth is outside of self somehow.

The work of shifting the belief that truth is found outside of self is first in the individual and then it will spread quickly into the broader field of the collective as well. This trend will continue to build until the illusionary separation between the self and what’s being experienced as outside dissolves. This is when the choices inherent within each moment will be easily revealed. The discomfort of denying and ignoring these moment-by-moment opportunities to choose will also dissipate in the collective field of humanity.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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