You Can Experience the Unseen World


Many years ago a dear spiritual friend said to me, ‘Sierra, you must believe more in the unseen world than in the seen.’ It was in response to a bout of self-pity. ‘Such-and-such isn’t happening fast enough, why hasn’t Spirit sent me a sign? Boo hoo, etc etc…’

I’d always considered myself a believer but her words forced me to be totally honest with myself. I did have little doubts. I mean, I couldn’t see Spirit! From that point on I practiced believing in Spiritmore than I believed in the 3D illusion.

This skill came in handy when I became a past life regressionist. I regressed 150 clients to all sorts of incarnations, both on-planet and off. By the end of that brief spell, just eighteen months, nothing could shock me. So you lived as a gaseous cloud on Neptune? I totally believe you.

Also during that time, I started my own inter-dimensional travels, regularly ‘visiting’ the fifth dimension as outlined in my ebookWelcome to the Fifth Dimension!

This is background to what I’m about to share (and suggest to you), so you’ll understand that I have developed a comfortable connection with the unseen world.

Every morning when I meditate, I visualize myself going on boardThe New Jerusalem. I believe this is the giant mother ship that overlooks Earth and serves as Command HQ for Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar, who are overseeing Earth’s Ascension.

It is important to note that I’m not a special person, someone with a limited edition VIP pass to The New Jerusalem. Lord Sananda and Commander Ashtar invite every soul on Earth to visit them on board. That means you!

My experience of The New Jerusalem is always firstly one of immense love. It is a big relief, and very exciting, to be in an environment of universal Love and Light. The massive ship encompasses a sense of love that reminds me just how hard it is for those of us working undercover on Earth.

Secondly, the ship is a hive of activity. Happy busy souls everywhere, working intently on their mission to help humanity ascend. When you ‘visit’ from the Earth plane, you are greeted with such respect and admiration: everyone on The New Jerusalem knows how challenging our lives can be.

So that’s The New Jerusalem. But there’s more…

Every morning I also visualize myself with other light workers, inside the core of Gaia/Mother Earth. There we hold hands in a circle with President Obama and strengthen his resolve to announce NESARA and Disclosure.

I visualize Obama pushing a large green button – green for Go. Then I see abundance/money funneling up through inner Earth, and showering out over the surface of the planet like a giant geyser. I picture ecstatic faces as people enjoy solid proof of their long-awaited freedom.

I haven’t watched television for three years, so I haven’t seen Obama recently. But I make this experience so vivid for myself that I can hear his voice, see his smart suit up close – and if I knew what cologne he wears, I would smell that too. It must seem real, much more real than the 3D illusion.

Here’s a wee test for you. Read this next sentence then immediately afterwards shut your eyes. Picture, or sense, a rainbow over a lush green meadow of grass. Now shut your eyes.

If, in your minds eye, you saw or felt an image of a rainbow – even the merest flash – you can visualize visiting The New Jerusalem. If you smelled the green grass, even better! You can also visualize yourself speaking to world leaders, urging them to create world peace. Believe that they hear you.

Jesus said whilst on Earth, ‘Everything I do, you can do, too’. The main difference between His ability to perform ‘miracles’, and our inability to do so is that He 100% believed he could do it. There was not a shred of doubt or fear standing in His way.

Some time – hopefully this year – humanity may experience the manifestation of other-worldly beings. Even we lightworkers who’ve been preparing for this moment for years will need to rapidly adjust to strange and wondrous sights. Imagine how it will be for most of humanity.

Practice crossing the bridge from the seen to the unseen worlds throughout the day. Then you’ll be ready to help dazed and confused souls understand the breath-taking reality that lies beyond the third dimension…


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