Superman, Kryptonite and the Amazing Merger Underway!!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Bird Tribe

I think, for a change, I am actually understanding something.  Something that probably should have been obvious, but until this moment, wasn’t at all, at least not as obvious as it is now.

I was startled into my awake state by superman this morning.  He was flying parallel to me, fists balled up and the closer he got, I swear he was going to smash into me.  As I realized I was sleeping and suddenly woke up to avoid a crash, I felt this clear release of information that as I started to fix my coffee… faded into the background of my consciousness.


As I sit here and stare at my computer, trying to figure out where to start my sharing today and at the same time, trying to recall what was released to my consciousness as I moved from sleep to awake.  So I googled the basis of superman…

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