Movement, (re)Alignment Within the Creative Landscape of Shambhala!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Ya ever feel like a toddler again?  Geez Louise, talk about such a massive shift in our worlds, even seeing things clearly is so hard to understand functionally.  I will just share the constant in 5 of the 6 connections.  Actually, I think I found something that can help you see how I see the field, which may make my (humble attempt) to put it into words, more understandable.

march field

Now let me explain the set up, as I am currently understanding it (as always, subject to change with more information.)  The oval itself I really thought was the energy of March, nope, I was wrong.  It is representing our little collective I call Shambhala.  My view is the, or at least was, the long view, seeing the whole oval itself, jogged off to the right (which I am still feeling represents our immediate future.)  The scalloped edges (which we started…

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