The Convolution of Timelines. Plus Understanding “Walk-Ins.”

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Let me tell you, my brain feels like scrambled eggs with “the works” thrown into it.  Holy sugar nuts, we are getting tons of new puzzle pieces and it is really gonna take some dedicated souls to smooth  the edges to make them workable, tangible, applicable in our world made of matter and non matter.

But before we get deeper into our incoming back of trix, there was a question asked the other day by a lady on the field.  She had been channeling information in a fury, then suddenly it just stopped.  That happens to a lot of us all the time.  Like I said for myself, I have a half written book on the lost codes of shambhala, it came in fast and furious for two solid days (of course puzzle pieces had been dropped in daily over 3 years prior.)  It’s easy to think we fell out…

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