Happy V-Day. Be Open to Receive….

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!  May this day, this energy system of a day, grace your heart like never before.  The complete merger, firing of the grid, of soul heart with human heart within your own construct of Self.  Spend less of this day swimming in someone elses heart field and relish and expand within your own.  You really are your own greatest Love!!

Spirit was kind enough to give us some teasers, I mean understandings about this day and what all that energy I have been seeing and we have been experiencing really means to us, well vaguely means (smile.)

In that super large orb with all the black plastic looking sheets that are moving in what could very well appear as chaotic and non-relative directions to each other, this energy underway this past week has served to alter the movement to align very particular slits above and below…

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