ET-Ville and de-re-Programming the Brain to Higher Functions.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Today I am going talk about ET-Ville if it kills me!!  There is so much going on out there, changing in ways that is really boggling my (over worked) mind!!

That city of light thing that was so vivid in my field of vision for close to a week, I am kind grateful I am no longer seeing it like I was, it’s very distracting to me.  I suppose it was enough to see the construction itself.  With the placement of that round sphere on the top, now it resembles more of a volcano structure with a really wide rotating top than anything else.  One of the ET’s that showed up (they are jumbling up in my memory bank) gave us a broader idea of what this things purpose is.

Until a few days ago, every ET that had showed up was in a ship and I seen and talked…

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