Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Events?


Let’s go with the theory that big changes are going to happen within the next week or so…

I’d like to suggest that we skip the ‘I’m so tired of waiting’ phase which, speaking for myself, I’ve done to death. Let’s move on to two important issues: ‘Are there any loose ends in my life?’ to be closely followed by, ‘Am I fully prepared for my role in the upcoming events?’

Firstly, loose ends…

I’m going through a strange phase of being let down by people in my personal and work life. I’m asking myself, ‘What’s going on here?’ It’s a good question to ask when loose ends arise because it leads to resolution. Don’t expect them to tidy themselves up – you need to do the work.

In my case there’s one common theme: Forgiveness. I need to forgive all those people who let me down. Jesus said, ‘Father, they know not what they do’. True – otherwise they wouldn’t have done it.

Then I realized that I am probably transmuting for the collective: there are too many incidents for it to be personal. I’m getting practice for the global revelations of the gross betrayals by the Illuminati.

The Company of Heaven is urging us to find forgiveness in our hearts for these lost, dark beings who’ve caused so much suffering and heartache on Earth. Let’s practice this forgiveness ahead of time. I am sure the scale of betrayal will side-swipe even the most compassionate of loving souls.

Over the years I have learned that true forgiveness, from the heart, doesn’t come straight away. There’s a period of ‘Hmmph! How dare they?’ After all, we are inhabiting emotional bodies. But after we’ve sulked and pouted, we must release the resentment and forgive them.

If we don’t forgive the person or persons, we are karmically bound to them until we do – only then can we move on. That fact alone should open our hearts wide and let the love flow freely.

Even better though, is to experience genuine compassion, knowing that we are all One. The person who hurt you will need to right this wrong before they can proceed to the higher dimensions. There are no free lunches. This knowledge will be shared with humanity by the Ascended Masters in the coming times…

Now for the second part – are you ready to take up your role in the upcoming events? Well, if you got all those loose ends neatly tied and trimmed, you are well on the way.

Last year Master Hilarion said that we will know our mission by ‘feeling our way into it’. Your mission will be revealed to you not by your logical mind, but through your heart. The most important thing is to trust the guidance you are receiving from your heart.

I’m getting emails from lightworkers who are sharing their vision/dream for Nova Earth. These visions are so unique, creative and uplifting they could only have come from their heart. Their   mind would have chosen something more ordinary.

We lightworkers have worked very hard, over countless lifetimes, to earn our place in this Grand Divine Plan. Not everyone was chosen – many souls were turned away because they did not have the commitment to see it through.

At times I felt I might not make it to the finish line. I got very tired, especially in the last few years. But lately I feel an inexplicable surge of energy, as if I am being carried to the line on a tide of Love and Light. I am so glad I lasted the distance. I would have hated to miss the Welcome Home party!

I have two favourite mantras – both related to the heart: ‘Listen to your heart and you can’t go wrong’ and ‘Does it make your heart sink or sing?’ These mantras have given me strength during times when I’ve wondered whether I could carry on. My heart has become my guiding light.

New soul friends are coming into my life to replace the relationships I had to let go. They are bringing with them much sunshine and laughter, and the hope of new beginnings for me. Nova Earth is being born around us. Onwards and upwards!


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