SaLuSa 6 February 2015

Spirit Train Chronicles

Turmoil continues upon your Earth, yet at the same time the Light is continuing to increase adding strength to those who are spreading the Light. We cannot yet predict when it will become the dominant force, but that time is fast approaching. With the ever increasing levels of Light there can be no other outcome, and it is noticeable that more people than ever are ready to actively show their support for the Light Workers. As time progresses there will be a coming together of many more people, and their work will help to hasten the true beginning of Ascension. We encourage you to remain safely within your Light, and to not get directly involved in vendettas against the dark Ones. They will meet an end dictated by their actions against Humanity over Millennia of time. They have set the path in motion that leads to their demise, and an…

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