Steve Beckow: Alchemy, Envisioning and Other Experiments in Being – Part 1/2

Openhearted Rebellion

Alchemy 11 Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The process of purification hasn’t let up for a moment for me. I’m very much engaged with it these days.

Whereas before I may have viewed it as an interruption or something to be endured, nopw I’m having fun with it and bringing it into the realm of experimentation, as I’d like to discuss.

I speculate that a certain proportion of lightworkers may have completed their ordinary, everyday vasanas, core issues and false grids.

Another proportion may be aware of these obstacles but may not have completed them for various reasons (parenting while holding down jobs, working two jobs, a partner who doesn’t share our vision, other pressing and sometimes de-pressing matters and obligations).

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