Eliza: Epiphany

Blue Dragon Journal

Paradise River

Eliza: Epiphany

I’ve been quiet of late, giving myself time to let go of what has gone before and allow the new to enter in. One needs to do this from time to time. It’s called taking stock, considering if you still resonate with the direction in which you have been going, or if there is something drawing your attention… something “new”.

As I have written in past posts, my path has been a zigzag, going in one direction and then another. This pattern tends to throw off people, to catch them off-guard. No matter. I need to follow my inner guide, not what is being told to me by others.

For a time last year, I followed a star that wasn’t my own. Now I am endeavoring to re-discover and listen within, seeking guidance forward from this point. I’m not concerned about the pace or manner in which discovery…

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