Wisdom with Wes: Creatively Scattered

Karma Yoga Daily

Snapshot_20140731_2It’s understandable that we’d want to do as much as we can in our short time on earth, but there’s no sense trying to do everything under the sun.

We might overwhelm ourselves if we don’t take a step back and examine all of the different things we want to do, and if necessary, remove a thing or two from our agenda.

There are plenty of people who can pick up where we left off if we decide to abandon a particular creative route to free up space for others, so we don’t need to feel bad about leaving any creative venture behind.

We might find that it was important for us to focus on one or two specific things, and there’ll eventually be a time when we can pour our focus into various tasks. For now, we’ll want to pursue the few things we’re best at (and we enjoy…

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