Think Galactically


New Zealand is experiencing its usual mid-summer drought. The heat is sapping our energy and we are craving nourishing rain for our gardens and our souls. I promised my neighbour that I will dance in the street in my swim suit when it rains!

Recently my off-planet guides woke me in the early hours of the morning with this message to pass on to humanity: “Your home is not a bricks-and-mortar structure – your home is the entire planet, solar system, galaxy. Your family is your soul group, both on Earth and in the spiritual realms.”

Archangel Michael urges us to dream big. My off-planet guides urge us to think galactically. They say that we have been trapped in this 3D prison for so long, we don’t even realize that the gates are open and we are free to go….

That is a sad image – wide open gates beckoning and millions of people shuffling around inside the enclosure, afraid to take their first steps to freedom.

We lightworkers are dotted amongst that crowd. But there is a big difference between us and the shuffling masses: we could easily walk through the gates to the abundance, joy and freedom we know awaits us on the other side. We’ve chosen to stay and guide people to the gates and lead them through, as shepherds guide their flock to safety.

The main thing that prevents people stepping through the open gate is fear of the unknown. Humanity has been conditioned by the dark forces to be fearful of anything it doesn’t understand. That’s why most people readily accept Hollywood’s frightening version of extraterrestrial beings.

Extraterrestrial just means ‘not from Earth’. None of us are from Earth! The whole of humanity was seeded from the DNA of beings from other planets and brought here to create God’s paradise planet, Eden. It’s a wee bit crazy to be scared of yourself, don’t you think?

Most nights I’m blessed with star ship and orb sightings. So-called UFO’s are now well within my comfort zone. I’ve said to the Galactic Federation, “Please land on the golf course near my house.” I can visualize myself stepping forward to greet them. St Germaine asks us to set a clear intent – mine is vivid and heart-felt.

However imagine how shocking it will be for most people when star ships descend from the heavens and land in our fields and parks. We lightworkers can do our part to help prepare humanity for the arrival of our galactic friends by training ourselves to think galactically.

Each morning before I get out of bed, I use EFT (tapping technique) whilst saying, ‘I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being. I am working undercover on the Earth plane.’ Immediately I’m centred in my light body before my feet even hit the ground.

Throughout the day I say as often as I can remember, “I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being.” When I experience a 3D situation, instead of judging it in my mind, I use it as an opportunity to remember what I truly am.

Recently I needed to get a new passport photo. It was the same issue as last time: Don’t smile. Asking me not to smile is like asking a dog not to wag its tail or the sun not to rise in the east – I only do smiling. Therefore my passport photo is not representative of the real me.

Non-smiling passport photos are one tiny tool in the dark force’s giant control tool box. We used to be able to smile for the photo before terrorism was invented. Soon all international borders will be dismantled and passports will be relegated to where they belong – galactic museums recording the quaint oddities of 3D Earth life.

Meanwhile we lightworkers practice extraordinary patience as we man/woman our outposts around the world, knowing on the deepest possible level that the best is yet to come.

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