Think Galactically


New Zealand is experiencing its usual mid-summer drought. The heat is sapping our energy and we are craving nourishing rain for our gardens and our souls. I promised my neighbour that I will dance in the street in my swim suit when it rains!

Recently my off-planet guides woke me in the early hours of the morning with this message to pass on to humanity: “Your home is not a bricks-and-mortar structure – your home is the entire planet, solar system, galaxy. Your family is your soul group, both on Earth and in the spiritual realms.”

Archangel Michael urges us to dream big. My off-planet guides urge us to think galactically. They say that we have been trapped in this 3D prison for so long, we don’t even realize that the gates are open and we are free to go….

That is a sad image – wide open gates beckoning and millions of people shuffling around inside the enclosure, afraid to take their first steps to freedom.

We lightworkers are dotted amongst that crowd. But there is a big difference between us and the shuffling masses: we could easily walk through the gates to the abundance, joy and freedom we know awaits us on the other side. We’ve chosen to stay and guide people to the gates and lead them through, as shepherds guide their flock to safety.

The main thing that prevents people stepping through the open gate is fear of the unknown. Humanity has been conditioned by the dark forces to be fearful of anything it doesn’t understand. That’s why most people readily accept Hollywood’s frightening version of extraterrestrial beings.

Extraterrestrial just means ‘not from Earth’. None of us are from Earth! The whole of humanity was seeded from the DNA of beings from other planets and brought here to create God’s paradise planet, Eden. It’s a wee bit crazy to be scared of yourself, don’t you think?

Most nights I’m blessed with star ship and orb sightings. So-called UFO’s are now well within my comfort zone. I’ve said to the Galactic Federation, “Please land on the golf course near my house.” I can visualize myself stepping forward to greet them. St Germaine asks us to set a clear intent – mine is vivid and heart-felt.

However imagine how shocking it will be for most people when star ships descend from the heavens and land in our fields and parks. We lightworkers can do our part to help prepare humanity for the arrival of our galactic friends by training ourselves to think galactically.

Each morning before I get out of bed, I use EFT (tapping technique) whilst saying, ‘I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being. I am working undercover on the Earth plane.’ Immediately I’m centred in my light body before my feet even hit the ground.

Throughout the day I say as often as I can remember, “I am a galactic, multi-dimensional being.” When I experience a 3D situation, instead of judging it in my mind, I use it as an opportunity to remember what I truly am.

Recently I needed to get a new passport photo. It was the same issue as last time: Don’t smile. Asking me not to smile is like asking a dog not to wag its tail or the sun not to rise in the east – I only do smiling. Therefore my passport photo is not representative of the real me.

Non-smiling passport photos are one tiny tool in the dark force’s giant control tool box. We used to be able to smile for the photo before terrorism was invented. Soon all international borders will be dismantled and passports will be relegated to where they belong – galactic museums recording the quaint oddities of 3D Earth life.

Meanwhile we lightworkers practice extraordinary patience as we man/woman our outposts around the world, knowing on the deepest possible level that the best is yet to come.

Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Will You Be Among The Chosen?


Beloved Masters, for many of you, it is the beginning of a new year on Earth; however, when you look at the larger picture – from our vantage point – it is the beginning of a new era, and a newGolden Age.

Many of you will protest, but it does not seem like a new Golden Age. In the past, any new Creation that was brought forth on the Earthly plane took much effort, and often pain, struggle and strife. That is still the mode of Creation in many parts of your world; however, it need not be so.

We have told you that the Light is separating from the shadows, and it is almost as if two worlds were superimposed, one over the other. One world is filled with varying degrees of fear, hate, judgment, greed, and a desire to control and conquer the lands of the Earth, as well as a desire to dominate and subjugate the peoples of the Earth by whatever means thought necessary.

The billions of beautiful young Souls who are caught in the maelstrom of this ever-accelerating chaos are the ones who suffer the most. That world is swiftly deteriorating, as a blanket of all the negative thought forms descends upon those lands and magnifies the vortexes of hate that have been created. Oh yes, there are vortexes of darkness, just as there are vortexes of Light, and the foretold Armageddon has surely arrived in those places.

The world of Light that is superimposed over the world of shadows is a world of hope, a world that amplifies all that is beautiful and harmonious. This world of Light radiance is filled with brotherly/sisterly love, peace, joy and abundance – a world where Spirit and humanity have joined forces once more; where all are donning their spiritual armor as, symbolically, we march forth to show that, together, we are invincible.

In this world, you are becoming proficient in using the Universal Laws of Creation as you bring forth greater and greater physical manifestations of what you desire in your corner of paradise. Miracles abound, both large and small, as you tap into your Divine Source and become a partner with your God Seed Atom and angelic helpers. Your Light is becoming more radiant, and you are becoming a strong, positive force for good within your sphere of influence.

Of late, we have spoken much about the importance and the power of the Pyramid, for there are many dear Souls who are awakening to the Divine Discontent of the Soul. The Pyramids of Light, which are stationed throughout the multi-Dimensions of this Sub-Universe, are storehouses of Creator Light. They are the Way Stations on the Path that will lead you back into your true homeland among the stars.

For those of you who are recent aspirants on the Path, allow us give you a simplified vision of how Pyramid Power is being used. Envision a Pyramid with steps on each of the four sides, which gradually lead to the apex.

At the base, on two sides, are all those dear Souls who are caught in the web of deception and lower vibrational energy, those who are struggling to control their world of negativity in whatever way necessary, a reality which is swiftly falling apart.

On the other two sides of the base of the Pyramid are all those dear Souls who are struggling to survive and to live the best way they know how. They are dominated by outside forces over which they seem to have no control. Therefore, in varying degrees, they are also caught up in the world of limitation, fear and negativity, but deep within there is a desire, which manifests as a deep discontent with life, to reconnect with their Creator and fulfill their chosen mission on Earth.

At the apex of the Pyramid is a capstone of Light – here all of you will come, at one time or another, the Wayshowers, the Vanguard, the Warriors of Light/Peace – all those who have aligned with the Light and our Creator in the cosmic campaign to re-establish paradise on Earth.

As we join together in our great Pyramid of Light which forms the capstone, we send forth Unconditional Love to the Earth and all humanity. Our combined Love/Light energy radiates down upon all who are on the base of the Pyramid at any level thereof. This gift is available to all who are willing to partake of this transforming infusion, by opening their heart centers in order for the Love/Light of the Creator to flow within.

The Light is always seeking the Light within the darkness. No matter how dim a Spark within someone may seem, it can be ignited and will eventually burst into flame. In doing so, this facilitates and speeds up the healing/balancing process so that anyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done, has the potential to rise quickly up the Pyramid of Ascension and into the Light.

No one is excluded. With open arms, the Creator holds wide the door of redemption so that all may pass through. This is the rare gift that is being offered at this time, a gift that is only offered at the end of an era and the beginning of a new age.

The Pyramidal energies are a vital Life Force, both within the etheric planes of expression and on the physical planes. Therein dwells the manifested consciousness of the Creator – Adamantine Particles of Divine Life/Light, White Fire Seed Atoms – which hold all the pure Life Force substance needed to transform the Earth and all life forms.

You also have Pyramidal forms of Light consciousness within your body, which are activated as you balance the frequency patterns within, and begin to build your vessel of Light.

As this process accelerates, you will also activate the Power Matrix Crystals throughout your bodies, the crystalline spheres of Galactic consciousness at the crown, the Ascension chakra at the base of the skull, and your I AM Seed Crystal within the Third Eye.

How do you access these blessed gifts? By moving into harmony within and without, into the STILL POINT of God-consciousness, whereby you function either in a mode of neutrality, or you radiate positive Life Force energy out into the world.

You have often heard the saying, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” You all are among those who were called forth, or you would not be on Earth in a physical vessel at this momentous time.

We will change that old phrase to: “For many are now being chosen.” Who is doing the choosing? You are. YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF. You must make the choice as to which world you will live in. You must make the choice as to where you will reside within the Pyramid of Life. No one can choose for you.

These are decisions each of you must make for yourself; however, when you choose the way of Light, we will take your hand and ease the path all the way to the shining capstone. Our primary goal, during these accelerating times of transformation, is to assist you in integrating into your memory bank of higher consciousness the major required steps, Universal Laws and conditions of Ascension into a Fifth-Dimensional environment.

The ASCENSION goal for humanity, within this era of Earthly experience, is to integrate all of the remaining Soul Fragments of the individual Soul Self, within the Third/Fourth Dimensions, which will initiate an entry into the lowest sub-plane, Sacred Triad, of the Fifth Dimension. This is the major goal for this round of evolution. In order to accomplish this:

Your personality/ego must become attuned with your Soul / Higher Self as you strive to realign your many levels of reality and become harmonious with your God-Self and I AM Presence.

Going into your Pyramid of Light is the swiftest and surest way to tap into the Divine Source of Creation.Envision billions of tiny crystalline Pyramids of Light filled with Divine energy /consciousness of the highest vibrations, descending, surrounding and filling you as you bring forth new thought forms, ideas and inspiration. Tap into and use the dynamic force of the Universal Mind, and release yourself from the confines of the Earth and the limitations of the mass consciousness beliefs.

Learn the basic Laws of Universal Creation/Manifestation. Learn to distinguish between the desires of Spirit and the ego-desire personality. Ego desires, wants and needs have emotional foundations, whereby you look outside yourself for something, someone or some event to fulfill an inner craving. The ego is never satisfied, and it continually looks for something or someone new to satisfy the cravings, which often become addictions.

When you are in harmony with Spirit, all your physical desires/needs are waiting for you to claim them – expect and demand that it be so. However, you must be an active partner and take the physical action necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. You must activate and draw to you the positive vibrations needed to manifest your visions in physical form.

The Earth plane is a world stimulated by action and reaction. In a world of polarity and duality, the forces of opposition have been your best teachers. Negative experiences bring into your consciousness your own truth via valid experiences.

It is time to put aside indecision. Feel, sense with your heart and inner-knowing what are correct or incorrect action or thoughts. As you learn and gain wisdom from an occurrence or an interaction with another person, no longer will you have to experience the cause/effect syndrome of your negative actions (otherwise known as Karma).

It is vital that you understand the true meaning of life and death. The guise you have assumed in this lifetime is just a minuscule facet of who you truly are, what you have been, and what you will be in the future. The passage or death of the physical vessel is only a transition into another state of Being.

Be bold in your endeavors to change the old belief patterns regarding death. Release the Souls of your loved Ones with Love, and do not bind them to Earth planes with your grief. Yes, you will miss them, and you will experience a time of grieving, but know that they will always be with you in Spirit.

By sending them your loving energy, you will assist those who have transcended to move quickly into the realms of Love/Light. Beloveds, they do not go to an amorphous place, but to a wondrous world more real than the one in which you reside, where they can live in joy, be of service, learn and experience all the things they have desired, but could not attain on the Earth plane.

If you so desire, at some future time, you may communicate with them; however, you must clear the path for telepathic communication with those who reside in the unseen realms. Many are choosing to leave your planet during these times of great turmoil. Know that they are, or will be, in a place of great joy, where peace and harmony reign supreme, and they will assist you in many wondrous ways from their heightened state of Being.

You must learn patience and understand that time as you know it is rapidly changing. Build your visions in harmony with Spirit, and then know that all will manifest in the proper time. When you align with Spirit, all will manifest with perfect timing, and under the right conditions.

You must have patience with those around you, and strive to see the best in all people and all things, thereby magnifying the positive energy and repelling any negativity that has been created. You will rise above the mundane world and return to balance and harmony within.

Your radiance will expand exponentially, and you will consistently radiate Love/Light from your Solar Power Center. It becomes a natural state of Being, and you will begin to view the world and events from a higher vantage point – that of a Master.

You have experienced many cycles of poverty and wealth, in all areas of expression, which will eventually lead you to the conclusion that true wealth is in regaining the wisdom of your Soul / Higher Self, and in reunion with your God Seed Atom. The treasure chest which holds your Divine Birthright will open wide as you bring all into harmony once more.

Your sensitivities are increasing, and your needs/desires are changing. You are becoming a person of peace, and you will greatly value your solitude. You will feel uncomfortable and no longer desire to be in social situations of lower vibrations.

You must experience aloneness in order to discover who you truly are. You are unique and must learn to act from an intuitive level, not an emotional level. This must start within as you begin to withdraw your energy streams from others, and go through the process of cutting the cords or energy streams that others have attached to you via your solar plexus. Remember to bless them as they follow their own path, and you follow yours.

You will be at peace in any situation when your beliefs are based on truth. You will know that you have moved into harmony with your Soul Self when you have no reactions of an emotional nature to the seemingly negative events in your life.

You will transcend your astrological influences as you integrate the positive energies of all twelve astrological signs. During your nightly sojourns, you will visit the Seven Spheres of God-Consciousness, to assist you with the integration of the positive energies – all the virtues and attributes of the Seven Rays – thereby balancing and activating all the major and minor chakras within the physical body.

The five Higher Rays of Galactic-consciousness are also being integrated within, and they are transmuting, activating and redefining your DNA, and are accelerating the process of building your vessel of Light.

Many of you have begun, or are ready to embark on, your true mission, whatever that may be. Please keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to become a conveyor of Love/Light. You must live your truth, as you learn to traverse the higher Path and fly your vision. You must claim and acknowledge every facet of your Being, as you strive for harmony and unified consciousness.

Beloveds, we know there will be some pain, discomfort and fear, as you move through this accelerated process, as all the radical changes take place within your world. Know that, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any dear Soul who expresses a desire to return to Heart-centered, Soul-focused harmony. Know that each of you can and will make a difference.

Dear Ones, when you doubt, need inspiration or strength, come into your Pyramid of Light, and we will give you courage, lift you up, and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved, move into your Sacred Heart center, and we will be waiting there to fill you with the radiant Love of our Mother/Father God.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Will You Be Among The Chosen? Channelled by Ronna Herman. February 1, 2015.

Transmitted through Ronna * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael.

SaLuSa 30 January 2015

Spirit Train Chronicles


Nothing will change the predictions for the completion of this cycle, except the highest authority. Once made many Lightworkers are given the tasks of ensuring that all proceeds as required to fulfil them. You may therefore proceed with your life, knowing that there is a great finale to come with the end of the influence of the dark Ones. They shall find themselves unable to exert any influence on what takes place, as they will have their power taken away from them. They will also be removed from Earth to ensure that workers of the Light can go ahead with their missions. Until now the dark Ones have consistently interfered with your evolution, and been able to block or slow down progress. This situation is rapidly changing and will soon come under our control. You will then be able to go ahead with your tasks without fear, and make…

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 31JAN2015

Spirit Train Chronicles

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (31 January 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic LightShips.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm

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V. Susan Ferguson: The Ancient Disc of Life and the Colonization of Planet Earth

Openhearted Rebellion

Ancient Disc of Life - NASAWritten by V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor for Waking Times, January 30, 2015

In my view, 6000 years ago the peoples of India either were far more advanced than NASA and then somehow mysteriously forgot — or the Mahabharata is the history of and evidence for an off-world civilization that did colonize this planet.

In 1988, Lana Corrine Cantrell, a brilliant mysterious, somewhat eccentric woman wrote “The Greatest Story Never Told“, a book that combined multiple ancient culture histories turned-into-myth as one story – the story of our ancient off-world ancestors.

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Humans are free: We All Deserve to Receive What We Need – And It’s Not Selfish

“We think that we have to learn how to give, but we forget about accepting things, which can be much harder than giving…Accepting another person’s gift is allowing him to express his feelings for you.” ~ Alexander McCall Smith

We all know the importance of giving. In fact, it feels rather nice to give to others; we have all experienced that warm glow in the stomach when we do something thoughtful for another person or exchange kind words. To make someone smile is one of the best feelings in the world.

But sometimes, do we get so caught up in the giving that we forget to receive? And in doing so, do we give too much?

I have always been a people pleaser.

My parents were divorced when I was five years old. It was a complicated situation, one that I didn’t fully understand as a child.

My sister and I grew up with our grandparents, having contact with our dad during holidays, while the contact with our mum dwindled down to nothing.

I hadn’t realized until recently that my five-year-old self felt completely abandoned by my parents. We never talked about the situation as a family; feelings were not something you shared, so they stayed bottled up.

I grew up with the belief, deep down, that my parents left me because I wasn’t good enough.

As a consequence, I tried my best to be as agreeable as I could to everyone around me. This meant having no opinion, going along with what others wanted all the time, not communicating my needs, and trying my best not to upset anyone.

Then maybe, I would be good enough to love. This was pretty exhausting.

I developed OCD for a period of time, frequently staying in the bathroom for hours, performing hand-washing rituals until my hands were raw and brushing my teeth until my gums bled.

If I performed these rituals, bad things wouldn’t happen anymore. My granddad, who developed terminal cancer, eventually gave up his battle to the disease after a long period of suffering, and the rituals stopped.

Instead, I sunk further into depression.

As a result of my negative thinking patterns and my deeply held beliefs, I fell into a series of damaging relationships.

Just wanting to be loved, by them, by anyone, I desperately tried to make things work with guys who were either not right for me or, more often than not, emotionally unavailable. I was replicating the relationships that I had known from my childhood.

Relationships are equal give and take, not the constant giving that I had developed in the hope of making people love me back. Instead, ironically, this pushed people away.

The thing was, I was desperately looking for love, when deep down, I didn’t like let alone love myself. Secretly, I believed I didn’t deserve to be loved. I wasn’t good enough for anyone; what could I offer to anyone?

I would sleep with men early on in the relationship, figuring that giving my body was the only thing of worth that I could offer.

It all came to a head when yet another relationship failed. Each time, the other person ended the relationship, which dealt a blow to my already fragile sense of self-esteem.

I’d slide into depressive episodes with scary frequency, when I would cry constantly, finding it a mammoth task to even just get out of bed, having no interest in life and isolating myself from people.

Then one day, I had serious thoughts of ending my life. It was then that I knew it was time to change.

Reaching out and receiving the help I needed was the best decision of my life. I spoke to my GP who referred me on to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counselor.

This time, I was completely honest about what I was feeling; I told them about the suicidal thoughts, about not wanting to be here anymore so I wouldn’t feel the constant pain.

It felt like a weight had been lifted. I was able to tell them everything. I have had counselling before, but it hadn’t been right for me. Like most things, you need to keep trying until you find what speaks to you.

CBT, which challenges negative thoughts, helped me to realize that I was automatically thinking negatively. It showed me that my thoughts were not fact. I started to understand about my deeply held beliefs, which colored everything I thought.

Above all, it showed me that I actually had needs and wants; there were things that I wanted to do with my time and not just go along passively with other peoples’ decisions.

In giving all my time and attention to others and not taking the time to receive back from them, I was hiding from the fact that I didn’t feel I was worth other peoples’ efforts.

I was hiding from myself that I had deep-rooted issues that needed to be dealt with — and that I needed people to help me to do this.

There are a few things that I have learned through therapy:

1. Show yourself that you are worth caring for by starting to care for yourself.

A tendency of people pleasers is to give relentlessly without a thought for themselves. Take time for yourself, pamper yourself—do something kind for yourself each day.

2. Allow others to help you when it is needed, and don’t be scared to reach out.

You can start with small things, like asking a friend to pick up a parcel for you when they are passing the shop.

3. Surround yourself with people who help make you feel good about yourself.

I’m so lucky to have an incredibly supportive and loving sister who listens to me and helps when times are tough as well as good. Spend as much time as possible with people who reinforce your self-worth, not bring it down.

4. Say “no” occasionally.

It’s important to assess what your needs and wants are and communicate these with people. Saying “no” sometimes does not make you selfish; it means you are taking care of yourself, and you will attract more respect from others.

5. Keep a positive journal.

Note anything that happens that makes you feel good—positive feedback from a boss, a kind word from your friend, a compliment from a stranger—and remember to accept these, not dismiss them.

6. Think about what you want from life.

Think about what makes you tick and, therefore, a more contented person, able to receive from others.

I’ve discovered my passion for photography, which has built up my confidence and, therefore, lessened my need to please people all the time.

7. Don’t be scared to have an opinion.

Occasionally, we really don’t mind either way. But if you do genuinely have an opinion on something, don’t be scared to speak up. People want to know the real you, not someone you think they want.

I am working through this journey of self-discovery, and no doubt, always will be.

I am learning to accept the good things that people do for me and the kind words they say. I’ve realized that you don’t have to be perfect for people to love you. You don’t have to constantly give for people to want to spend time with you.

I am enough.

For the first time in my life, I’m devoting the time and attention I normally would reserve solely for other people to myself. You don’t want to forget about others, but you also don’t want to forget about yourself.

In doing so, I’m building up my sense of self-worth and becoming more able to accept love from others. And just maybe, I’m also letting that other person feel a warm glow in their stomach too.

By Lizzy Doole, Tiny Buddha; | Image: Shutterstock; –

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Nanice Ellis: Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World”


Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening is not the norm. I’m not saying that it never happens, but it is infrequent and unpredictable. If you wait for that magic moment, you may wait forever.

But what if you had the power to quicken your own awakening? There are, of course, many paths to spiritual awakening, and the process is unique for each one of us, but there is one thing that you could easily practice that would exponentially hasten your path to awakening.

I personally spent many decades seeking spiritual awakening. I tried every technique and teacher I could find. There were several times that I believed I had awoken but the “experience” wore off and I was back where I started. Years later on my journey, I would realize that I mistook many mystical experiences for that of true awakening. If I had known then what I know now, I probably could have saved myself many, many years of seeking…

What I now understand is that spiritual awakening is accessible to everyone, and you don’t need to travel to a special part of the world, or do any bizarre yogi tricks in order to awaken. You don’t even need to meditate. Right now, you have the innate ability to wake up.

Many years ago, I visited Zions National Park in Southern Utah; in the middle of a pitch black night, I sat alone on the edge of one of Zions’ famous towering cliffs. It was a difficult time in my life and the challenges desperately made me want to wake up – in order to release the pain. As I sat there, I yelled out into the dark canyon, “I want to wake up!” I heard a voice call back, “Jump,” it said. I slowly crawled away from the edge. Happily, I did not listen to the voice, but the message never left me. “Jump,” it said, but what did it mean?

Don’t Let the “Real” in Reality Fool You

Who you really are is awake so if you were to peel away all the layers, you would suddenly find yourself to be completely present, free and awake. These layers include the roles we play in life and everything in which we attach our identities, but these layers are illusions, and not who we really are.

The world we live in appears so real, but don’t let the real in reality fool you – there is nothing real about reality. Everything, including you and me, is energy – moving, vibrating, living energy. This infinite and conscious energy is malleable and limitless, but anything that is made of energy is still just energy and energy is not tangible. It is all smoke and mirrors because energy can only create illusion.

What gives the illusion power is belief – your belief. When you believe that something is real, for all intents and purposes it appears real, and reacts real.

Every time you give your attention to illusion, it takes on your consciousness and it interacts with you in a very real manner. This is how life operates and it is also what keeps you immersed in the dream – keeping you asleep. Illusion can only control you if you believe that it is real. In order to wake up, you simply must let go of the illusion.

Letting go is the one practice that has the power to exponentially quicken your path to awakening.

On the spiritual journey to awakening, many of us have been taught to let go of attachments, roles and identities, but unless you are a monk or someone who does not live in the “real world” it is virtually impossible to let go in this way. For me, as much as I desired awakening, I wasn’t going to leave my young kids in order to attain it, or move them to a remote area where they couldn’t grow up with the comforts of home.

The thing is, you do not need to change anything in your life in order to awaken. The only thing that you must release is the attachment to your thoughts. You let go of attachment to thoughts, when you no longer believe every thought that you have.

Who says you must believe all your thoughts?

For years, I had a practice of discerning the good thoughts from the negative thoughts and that was very effective in helping me to reclaim power in my life, but in order to awaken, the secret was not to believe any thoughts. At first, I wondered how I could live my life without believing any of my thoughts, but after a little while, an interesting and unexpected thing occurred.

My thoughts were no longer running me or controlling my life. Something Else – something deeper or greater than me, and my thoughts, kicked in. It was as if I had found a magic switch that allowed me access to a world beyond thoughts; a world where all action was inspired and effortless and everything just flowed.

If your goal is to live a happy and satisfying life, it is important to let go of the negative thoughts and turn your focus to thoughts that support the life you desire, but if you want to fully wake up, it is essential to release attachment to all thoughts. Full Spiritual Awakening requires that you let go of the good as well as the bad. The awakened state is a state of constant letting go – of everything.

Without believing your thoughts about your relationships and your experiences, you are present in this moment with the purity of connecting to life in the fullness of every experience. In other words, you are awake.

I realize that letting go of thoughts can be challenging because thoughts can be relentless, but no thought is true. It only becomes true when you believe it to be so. Letting go is not a one-time thing. It is a practice that you partake until you reach a state of wakefulness. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Tuning Up to Awakening

The typical thought system of mankind is limited in perception because it is tuned into a dense frequency of the current state of humanity. Therefore what you perceive and think about is limited to that frequency. This is why so many of us are living in fear and stress. In other words, every time you believe thoughts of limitation, which are most thoughts, you are tuning yourself further into dense reality – where the pressure of that density causes us to stay asleep.

Because this is not your natural state of being, when you let go of the limited human mind by letting go of thoughts, your frequency rises and you organically tap into universal mind that is omniscient and omnipotent.

Because universal mind has the answers to all problems, what once caused fear and stress can now be resolved. Letting go allows you to rise up, much like letting go of a helium balloon – without effort you peacefully arise. You naturally awaken.

What are You Letting Go “To”?

One of the reasons that it is often so challenging to let go, is because we don’t consider what we are letting go “to.” If you do not know what you are letting go “to,” it can be quite scary. This is where your own spiritual beliefs come in. Do you believe in something greater than the human you? That is what you are letting go to – be that Source, Universe, The Divine, Big G…. You are letting go to your all-knowing, all-powerful Higher Self.

Yes, this requires trust, but that is the point. Letting go requires that you trust whatever it is that you truly believe in, but you must find out for yourself. Do not take the word of religion, parents, society or anything else. You must make this discovery and this connection for yourself – on your own terms.

I have come to the conclusion that I, as the human me, have no idea what is best for my life, but my Higher Power does and this is something that I can trust. From this perspective it is quite easy to let go.
When you let go to this all knowing source, you rise up and you become that which you trust; you discover that you are now relating to your life from a higher level of awareness, where you naturally know things rather than just think them.

How Do You Let Go of Thoughts?

We are told that mediation is necessary for awakening but it is not necessarily the mediation that awakens us – it is the letting go that transpires during meditation that is the key for awakening. When you meditate, you stop listening to your thoughts, and when your thoughts turn off, you are present and awake. As soon as you start listening to your thoughts again, you fall into sleep. Understanding and utilizing this Stop and Start Switch gives you immense power to awaken.

In the past, a thought pops into your head, and you naturally believe it. This belief invites other similar thoughts to manifest in your mind. Before you know it, you have a full blown story and the emotions that go along with it.The shift is simple. When that first thought pops into your head, don’t believe it. Just let it be without inviting other thoughts to join it, or maybe ask yourself, “How do I know it is true?”

If you can be the watcher of your thoughts, you will begin to awaken. Just watch the thoughts – without believing or even disbelieving – just watch and see what happens.

By releasing thoughts, you are also releasing emotions and attachments which originate from thought. You let go of mental attachments and emotions, simply by letting go of thoughts. Let everything just pass on by. You will still experience attachments, emotions and thoughts but they will begin to lose their power over you.

From a completely awakened state, you will be able to choose thoughts, emotions and attachments in order to consciously create. Each of these elements are tools for creation, but first you must become the master of your mind instead of the slave.

I now understand that the voice that spoke to me on the cliff was my own voice telling me to let go, but it wasn’t the tangible that I needed to release. It was simply my attachment to all my thoughts.

It may be challenging to let go at first, but you have the power to believe any thought or let it go. The more thoughts you let go, the freer you will become. Here is the best part, releasing thoughts allows you to be present here and now, and then something remarkable happens. It is as if “Life Pops” – everything is clearer, colors are brighter, sounds are heightened and your sense of being alive is intoxicating. This is the Awakened Experience, and it is available to you right now, simply by letting go – Nanice.

“Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World,” by Nanice Ellis, January 26, 2015 at

Original link: Spiritual Awakening in the “Real World”

The Last of January Expands Into…. Forever More!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I feel like a firework ready to explode… with information that is!!!  I am not even going to try to go in any particular order, not sure there is an order, but I am just going to start with the grand finale of my day yesterday and go from there.  My soul sistah with an incarnation on the Pleiades showing up as her first contact within her ET sessions, the biochemical engineer.  Given the energy coming thru the readings before hand, I wasn’t sure we were going to have a full ET session.  I have learned that when our (earth) energy is high and enhancing things, none of our friends from the sky will interfere with the process at hand.  They park at the furthest horizon and sometimes I can connect to them and sometimes, I can just see them or feel them or neither.  I never really understood any…

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Birthing Pains and Bliss!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!  ...For me, that baby came thru my crown not my root!! lol …For me, that baby came thru my crown not my root!! lol

WOWZERS!!!  I hope you got to experience the energy of yesterday from beginning to… well, at least sleep time!!  I woke up yesterday with a massive pressure system expanding in my head.  Anytime there is a surge in energy and I have a contact over my eye, all hell breaks loose in that eye and sure enough, silly me put a contact on my left eye this week, even when reading after reading, spirit said there is going to be a massive increase in the energies every day, every hour, every minute.  For as much as I am very aware of being human, I cannot believe how often I forget about the human side affects in my body when the energies rise.

I woke up yesterday with liquid just pouring out of my left eye and pain…

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David Wilcock: ‘Everything Sped Up’


David Wilcock commented on Ben Fulford’s latest column. Ben chronicles the progressive fall of the cabal. But David’s comments were even more interesting than the original commentary so we post them here.

David Wilcock: ‘Everything has sped up dramatically’

This is a good summary of what is going on in the physical sense. In the greater sense of the community and environment around us, there have been decisive and astonishing moves made. No one in the Cabal expected this. Even with their tech that lets them see into potential futures, this one wasn’t there.

Some of the events that are now happening were foreseen, but not for another year. Everything has sped up dramatically. The Cabal does believe, and has been taught, that they must experience a full disclosure and apparent defeat. Only then will their Gods appear to rescue them and fulfil their prophecies.

Yet, what we are now seeing is that the entire solar system has been put on lockdown. Everyone is quarantined. No one can get in, no one can get out, and no communications can get in or out either. This may not be a big deal for a hyper-advanced civilization, but it has been a game changer.

Furthermore, in just the last 3 weeks, virtually ALL offensive weapon capabilities, including the most secret ones, have been taken offline and/or destroyed. This includes secret SDI stuff, nukes, you name it.

This is coming from several new insider sources that have appeared and proven to be highly reliable. The Cabal obviously sees this as a tremendous mess and a terrible threat. My take on it, as well as everyone else’s, is that this is a precursor to major events happening on Earth.

It would have been impossible to expose and defeat the Cabal without these things happening, as they would have tried to take everyone out with them. The stakes are very high and I will piss people off just by mentioning this as vaguely as I am now. Let’s just say it is a vastly complex and amazing story, and people within this world have had their minds completely blown.

So things are looking very, very interesting.

– David

Jan. 26, 2014 at