THE QEG IN 2015. HopeGirl Public Statement. Why We Did What We Did.

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Please share this important statement on the QEG. It has been almost a year since we’ve opensourced the plans for this free energy device in co-development. We felt it was important to explain some of the deeper motivations behind this project that has effected so many people around the world.  Included is a video and transcript.


This is HopeGirl Speaking.

I am the Lead Project Manager of the Opensourcing of the QEG.

Today I’m here to tell you why we did what we did.

The Free Energy movement is a mans world, but its implications effect everyone. Which is why it is important for a woman’s voice to join this conversation.

To use some words of a woman who has inspired me, Kimberly Gamble, There are human implications to scientific research. No one can deny that there is an unspeakable amount of human suffering on this planet. So much…

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