Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith – A “Rich” Soul Whose Works & Life Continue to Inspire Millions

Tania Marie

Pamela Colman Smith - Pixie

I’ve been meaning to share about this soulful creatrix and today inspiration led me to do so, first in an article by Beth Maiden, honoring her works and spirit, followed by my own collected shares below.

This is a wonderful article and tribute to the artist, Pamela Colman Smith (also known as “Pixie” or “PCS”) of the most widely known Tarot deck in the world, the Rider Waite Tarot – now referred to by many as the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, as people have come to honor Pamela’s name, where for a long time it had been omitted.

The article is a celebration not only of Pamela, but also of the creative arts (which she lived her life constantly immersed in and channeling), of the contributions of women, and the value and honor both are deserving of in helping to shape the world and the foundations it is built upon.

Pamela not…

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Shedding the Long Held Cocoon as Self (re)Discovery Unfolds!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I feel like there is a million things I need to share today and I already know I am going to forget half of them as I open this up.  So let me start with something beginning to make itself known via the readings, the expansion of time.  As we begin to close out this huge, transformative month of January, the next phase of this wonderment begins with February.  I think the only way I have of really describing february is with the analogy of a garden.  Everything you planted has sprouted, you may not be able to fully identify what has sprouted in your life, but as long as you put energy into your life in January, I promise you, much has already taken form, like a seedling just popping up thru the ground.  The heavenly sprinklers of constant hydration and nourishment are being turned on so your focus…

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A Week of Enhancements Underway!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

arc crystal energy aura

This is going to be a quickie, mostly because I woke up late and don’t have much time to share, but I didn’t want to skip this juicy information that came thru the only two connections I was able to do yesterday.

My internet and landline started to hold steady about 11:30am, with its steadiness emerged this radiating headache.  I knew it wasn’t the “typical” biological headache cuz the energy was moving inside, right temple, left temple, forehead/third eye, and spots in between.  I wasn’t about to let no headache keep my nosy eyes from seeing what the heck we got ourselves into now and of course, the two remaining people on my dance card.

Even before I connected with my first lady, my team gave me a glance of what I was about to see, my lady snuggled into the bird wing like I was in my meditation.  Sure…

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The Snow Is Melting As the Spring of Shambhala Emerges!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well, aren’t we in an interesting moment, again.  The only way I know of really explaining it by the series of experiences in my world and yesterdays meditation that brought it all into clearer view.

I think I already mentioned in a previous sharing that one morning as I went out to feed the birds, a junco was laying dead at my backdoor.  As much as it broke my heart and really brought of the feelings of how much I dislike having to handle “death,” I opened to hear the bigger message.  Several months after I moved into this amazing place I live, one day, out of nowhere, a junco appeared in my livingroom.  I eventually got him to fly out the backdoor where he belonged.  This was the first of two birds that showed up in my home, out of nowhere with a message that we do have the…

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Don’t “Fix” What’s NOT Broken, Enhance it!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


And we are ticking right along!!  Grass is growing, strong energy potentials finally becoming viewable and for one yesterday, right down into June.  Movement!!  For the me, the feeling is, we are finally dressing out our skeleton!!  There is one consistent, recurring theme thru the readings with an elongated view… JOY and FUN!!  No matter what you’re doing, how it is unfolding, focus on the joy of it all, if there is no joy… get out of that and find what leads your heart in joy.

I also know, old habits, old ways of looking at how we are “supposed” to move forward, is difficult to break, especially when something feels so familiar in the way we have gotten to here.  Example, whats happening within the body itself.  Once again we may be feeling like we have to clear something or address something because the body is doing the only…

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Death,(re)Birth, and Our Emotional Focus!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I can so feel the magic already brewing in this new year.  Thru you, I can see how the groundwork is being laid, the seeds of desire imprinted and growing in the fabric of your life.  But it all does still require your cultivation, your excitement and placing yourself in front of unexpected opportunities.

I can also feel and see the wheel of change moving rapidly, for some it may feel a bit unhinging when life suddenly changes around you, but there is such a greater alignment taking place.  I can liken it to a magnetic pull towards a greater expanse in your life field, the realignment towards your soul family.

While all this is taking place, there is soooo much happening in the space in and around us, what I have been calling acceleration points.  Until yesterday morning I really didn’t fully understand how that is all working out…

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Our New Expanded House and ET Sharings!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

morphing realities

Man these days are so hard to write about.  Until yesterday, geez, I didn’t realize just how much bias I carried forth with me into this fully functioning earth!  Two equally sized biases became very apparent yesterday.  One, I really expected when we arrived on this earth, everything would be in play, fully functional and visible to my eyes.  Hay!!!  Make it happen already!!  lol but ohhhh no, god forbid it should all be just that easy.  Instead, the builders and the architect within each one of us, are hard at work doing things I can’t fully understand and half the time, that I cannot see.  So let me tell you what I do understand so far.  I think the best way for me to put it into language is by the analogy of building a house.

We have brought all the tools and material we need forward to this…

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Thunder, Acceleration and Morphing…

The Shift of Time and Energy!

I have decided it is really difficult to get a true grip on this wonderful new world we are in and explain any of it in detail.  It is like watching various brush strokes being laid down on a canvas, something is forming… but what exactly???  Hard to say for sure.

My last reading on Monday was a wonderful lady from down under, on the next days date line, which I didn’t realize she was giving us a view of the energies of yesterday.  I could see and feel her energy signature standing in the center of her field of life, but I couldn’t see her biology.  Instead, the focus was on this massive geyser like energy system coming out of her abdomen area shooting outwards to her future.  The geyser of energy shot out easily 10 feet, then I couldn’t see beyond it.  Of course, there I am with…

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