Emma Tuzio: Being Highly Sensitive; a Blessing or a Burden?

Karma Yoga Daily

Written by Emma Tuzio, Contributor for The Culture of Awareness, Creator of The Muse in the Mirror, January 19, 2015 – http://themuseinthemirror.com/2015/01/19/being-highly-sensitive-a-blessing-or-a-burden/

Coping with Increased Sensitivity

As someone who most definitely qualifies as a Highly Sensitive person (HSP), I explore what it means to be super sensitive, and uncover the benefits and potential pitfalls of having such a trait.

© June Yarham / Flickr © June Yarham / Flickr

Life for a sensitive can be challenging as you feel so much more than the average person, and often carry deep compassion for all of humanity. Many struggle to make sense of a world that can appear so harsh and insensitive, one in which we don’t seem to belong. If you’re someone who struggles with your hyper sensitivity and views it more as a hindrance I suggest tips to help you traverse through life in high definition as seamless as possible, and to reap the the rewards of what I’ve come to appreciate as a true gift.

Sensitivity is a genetic…

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