Golden Age of Gaia: News Special Edition: Are ETs Guiding us Toward our Next Planetary Evolution?


Hello dear readers. Thank you Alex, again, for your Feel Good voice and uplifting perspectives, finding bright spots in our world when the mainstream news propaganda machine typically feeds us doom and gloom! So glad to be back here on Golden Age of Gaia on this glorious Monday …let’s start off this week with some real fun: Extraterrestrials!

Wowie zowie …I am so stoked!! I’m elated and giddy as the rush of energy and excitement pulses through my Being, because I get to share this fascinatingly amazing article with you! Some of us can feel it in our bones how close we are to unprecedented changes, and evidence of such is all around us …if you can see the bigger picture.

For example, Congress passed a historic law four weeks ago effectively removing the power and funding of our federal government to prosecute medical marijuana cases of accused individuals residing in legal states. Other unprecedented events involve the public-at large not trusting our government instead of just the “conspiracy theorists”; standing up to our governments and not rolling over through protests and the like; and whistle blowers around the world coming forth with ground-shattering news exposing scandals of the highest nature, such as Edward Snowden and the NSA or Karen Hudes of World Bank.

Yet, many folks remain unconvinced and eternally unswayable of so many truths. And guess, what: That’s okay! Many many many years I’ve spent, personally and professionally –to my own detriment– trying to convince people of certain realities of which they will never believe. I will not do that anymore, not only for my own health and proper boundaries, but to honor them and their chosen path.

In 100 years from now (actually, I think it’s more like ten, at the most), I believe we’ll all be laughing at our ignorance and closed-mindedness of the existence of ETs and other such concepts like Hollow Earth. Just like visionaries proclaimed Lady Gaia is round, in the face of the then-contemporary world-wide belief that She was flat …so too we’ll come to learn that our space family and Inner Earth Agarthan cousins are most real –when our collective consciousness is ready for such Truths.

“One of the most important guide words in my quest has been ‘MAYBE…’ So let’s consider for a moment: The numerical chances seem infinitesimal that we are the sole self-aware species in the vast cosmos — with billions of planet-filled star systems just in our galaxy (among billions of galaxies). To claim it, seems to me beyond ignorance to outright arrogance. There are many claims from well-researched sources that we are being visited by off-planet species and have been for centuries, at least. But unless you’ve had direct contact with a Being from somewhere else in the universe, how do you determine what evidence is credible, and what is not?” stated Foster Gamble, who co-created the movieThrive and is considered a white hat of the Gamble family lineage from Proctor & Gamble.

Foster just said those of us who actually believe that we, as a species, are the only self-aware life in this incomprehensibly vast Universe are “beyond ignorant and outright arrogant.” Very much so, and I would add the term ego-centric, coming from my psychology background, meaning the world –well, in this case– the Universe revolves exclusively around us. WOW, that’s ridiculously laughable.

Speaking with my wife literally last week, our Guides gave us a new term: “earthno-centric” –just in time for this commentary (wink wink, boy their timing is Divine). As egocentric means feeling superior over others, and ethnocentric means feeling superior over people from other cultures, then coining this new term right now, earthno-centric means feeling superior to Beings from other planets. Further, let’s create “earthno-phobic” to describe those of us who fear Beings from other planets (ie, those who fear even the possibility of  life on other planets). Oh, the fun we’re having!

After watching Thrive, one viewer wrote in stating that he really enjoyed it; however, he thought that including the part about the ETs actually decreased the movie’s credibility, believing most people are not ready for such news. Foster replied, “Actually, not holding back on what we know has seemed to add an element of trust toward us, since clearly we were being true to ourselves and not some political agenda. A remarkable array of people from very high up in the hierarchy of corporate, science, government, military, intelligence and financial institutions contacted us afterTHRIVE precisely because we did include mentioning ETs as part of what needs to be considered in the big picture of global transformation.” Thank you Foster and crew for standing in your Light and in your truth.

One thing I love about the movie Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?is their gentle approach in presenting such foreign and “alien” concepts into our conscience… into our reality. If you haven’t seenThrive yet, please do. My next recommendation is the movie 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning. The time is now: Wake up, world… we need you to play your role in creating Nova Earth. We all have our parts to play, but cannot, if we stay unaware in the illusion. Break away from the programmed propaganda –and embrace the real you. Start by shutting off your TV, or at least mainstream news….

Pssst, please remember to forward this article to our fellow brothers and sisters who proudly wear the hats that read “doubting thomas” and “naysayer,” in order to continue to do our part in spreading our new awareness! Thank you.

We Are All One

Extraterrestrials — Imagine the Possibilities by Foster Gamble. Thrive Movement.

MOVIE…  Thrive:  What on Earth Will It Take?

MOVIE…  2012 Crossing over:  A New Beginning.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

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