Creating Alchemy with Crystal Elixirs of Liquid Light

Tania Marie's Blog

crystals Herkimer Diamond and Andaras in the light

I shared about crystal elixirs quite a while back, but felt inspired to again.

On the Winter Solstice New Moon of 2014, I was guided to create a new crystal elixir, which I’ve been taking since Christmas Eve. I hadn’t made one for some time now, so I found the intuitive nudge to be important to follow, which came out of the blue.

I’ve made different combinations before, some of which had many crystal essences providing their love. And each of them for different purposes that were aligned with and appropriate for that current time period they were created and my/others’ needs.

But this one I created on the Winter Solstice I knew was to be of a very special essence that would support taking things to another level.

It is a very pure, potent, extremely high vibrational essence, created only from three…

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