(Dreamwalker) Dream Log: 13JAN2015: Viking Womens’ Journey

Spirit Train Chronicles

I found myself in a longhouse in the early morning hours. It may have been somewhere in Scandinavia/Norway/Sweden. I was there with my wife, and another family shared the longhouse with us. The lighting was dim, it might have been slightly “blue” for some reason (early morning light?). It was a medium-sized building, one part of the longhouse was for one family, the other end was for the other family, and there were “shared” parts of the longhouse as well in the middle section. We were fairly young (mid-20s?), and my wife was just preparing to leave the village with the other women and children. I couldn’t see what I looked like, but she had sandy-brown hair that had recently been cut very short. I was pleasantly surprised by this since she looked great. (I should mention that I do not know what she looked like with her hair long…

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Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward – January 11, 2015

Matthew Ward 222

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Before we speak about recent events, we say that throughout this year you will see the pace and number of significant occurrences increase as vibrations heighten. Earth’s energy field of potential, which looks like perpetual fireworks, reflects the light’s accelerated momentum due to lightworkers’ efforts and our universal family’s stepped-up activity on your behalf.

Two ‘accidents’ have been the cause of both grief and gratitude. It was not ‘good luck’ that some individuals who intended to be on AirAsia Flight 8501 were not: Their time was not up. They don’t know that is why they missed the flight; they and all who love them simply are grateful that they did. As heartbreaking as it is for families and friends of everyone who went down with the plane, the soul contracts of all aboard called for their transitioning at that time. Had they not left by that means, they would have departed suddenly in some other way soon afterwards.

The same would have been true about the persons who transitioned after fire broke out on the ferry boat in the Adriatic Sea. In this incident, contracts of all except those few souls did call for longer lifetimes. The hundreds who were rescued aren’t consciously aware of that, nor need they be to feel grateful, and the same is so with their families and other dear ones.

The outrage in the United States about the shooting of two police officers in a patrol car is serving to bring a degree of balance to the outrage about police using excessively harsh tactics with African American males. You could think of this as an emotional pendulum that’s been stuck on the end where law enforcement is perceived as biased in judgment and treatment, and suddenly the pendulum darts to the other end. Feelings on both sides are justified indeed, but the pendulum has to move away from both perception extremes so balance can come in police actions and the public’s reactions.

The slaughter in Charlie Hebdo’s office and subsequent killings in Paris united your world in sympathy, compassion and condemnation of terrorist acts. If any aspects of such incidents can be described as ‘heartening’, then these are: The people of France are as One in fearless rebellion against savage efforts to muzzle freedom of expression and world leaders are demonstrating their solidarity; the Muslim assassins and all others like them are being seen as exactly what they are—brutal, tyrannical individuals acting upon a deranged ideology that has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; and there is an international call to root out and cure the cause of that extremism. This vital move toward overcoming bigotry, resentment and fear of differences had to come so that unity in respect and appreciation of differences can take hold—that is the foundation upon which a civilization builds a peaceful, loving, harmonious world.

It may seem as if we speak of tragic events with emotional detachment—this is the higher purpose being served and that is that. That isn’t the case. We do honor all who are playing their parts in every divisive or abhorrent situation, yet it is deeply sad for us that gaining personal and planetary balance entails so much violence and sorrow within our beloved Earth family. Especially heart-wrenching are the massacres and kidnapping of children and other unconscionable atrocities. It is difficult for us, as for you, to see someone’s agony and view it as another milestone in the eternal cycle of shared lifetimes in physical worlds and reunions in spirit worlds. Please find a measure of comfort, as we must ourselves, in knowing that out of tragedies comes soul evolvement; out of horror come a more spiritually enlightened and compassionate society and, ultimately, Earth’s Golden Age in full bloom.

And, perhaps a tragedy seems greater when 12 or 100 or 400 die in the same incident, but every minute many thousands of souls are dying and this is sorrowful for everyone who loves them. We wish that all who are grieving could know that they and these persons dear to them chose their experiences to help each other evolve. They still would miss their loved ones, of course, but that knowledge could lessen the profoundness of their loss.

“You said in your last message that everything happening here is purposeful. I can’t see any purpose in ‘The Interview’ film or the backlash. How far will damage spread because North Koreans hacked into Sony’s computer system? Everything about this seems like a step backwards for the light.”

Everything happening in your world is purposeful! However, while some issues may seem to you logical in that context, others could be considered a far stretch, and the film and ensuing backlash may be an example of the latter.

In previous messages we have stated that the entertainment field has been an Illuminati stronghold because what they provide influences public opinions and actions. The prominence of crime, war and other violence in films and games is to inure society to those kinds of behavior and motivate unstable individuals to mimic it. The entertainment manipulators create ‘box office stars’, put them on pedestals and reward them with exorbitant payment and various awards; that exalts a few souls above all others and widens the disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in your world. Reasoning minds see those negative effects as well as the positive inroads in the industry, but what is not in the public eye is the Illuminati’s darkest camp in the entertainment field—Satanism, sex slavery, pedophilia and pornography.

All of those seen and unseen situations are devoid of light, and Earth has reached energy planes where everything in low vibratory levels is disintegrating. What has been going on back stage, so to say, is moving onto center stage where the play that’s unfolding can be viewed by the public.

Backlash from the film is keeping the spotlight on ‘cyberspace war’. Whatever is designed for positive use can be directed into negative means, and your advancement in computer technology is a prime example. On one hand, medical breakthroughs can be shared worldwide, communication is swift, whistleblowers have a forum to publish their findings, and an abundance of information not reported in mainstream media is available on the Internet. On the other hand, the Internet is used to disseminate false information and some individuals illegally enter computer systems to release proprietary data, introduce viruses and disrupt business operations. Your national leaders, who know the benefits of sharing valuable information, are seeing the need to protect their countries’ interests by working together to prevent hacking globally. Any issue that initiates or enhances cooperation across borders is to be welcomed.

We don’t see Sony’s experience leading to “all our private information and communication can be used by anyone and there can be widespread power outages” that is causing some concern. If that results in some cases, it would be temporary. Wrongful use of anything, be it information or technology or a natural resource, emits low vibrations and activity at that level cannot be sustained much longer.

Our colleagues in Nirvana cannot verify that the complex hacking process originated in North Korea or elsewhere. It could be the work of black ops agents in the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA—they are here and there around the world—or a malicious, perhaps vindictive, individual or group. But whoever the responsible person or persons are, they did not intend their efforts to aid the light by producing the positive effects we mentioned.

“President Obama finally has done something ‘light’ in my opinion, with that executive order. It’s absurd that our government has blackballed Cuba for 50 years when right after WWII, we helped Germany and Japan get back on their feet. There wasn’t even a war with Cuba! Why is there opposition in both parties to what Obama did?”

President Obama’s executive order that opens the door to normalizing the country’s relationship with Cuba evoked that reaction from members of Congress who routinely oppose what he does, but a few who responded angrily did so on an emotional basis more so than political. Their hearts and minds are rooted half a century in the past, which precludes their seeing that resolution of a longstanding issue is in the best interests of both countries’ peoples. This step toward living together respectfully and cooperatively also is evidence that behind-the-scenes efforts are coming to fruition in consonance with ever-increasing vibrations.

Dear family, you may tire of our attributing everything to vibrations, but they are the ‘fabric’ of this entire universe! Everything in existence is energy vibrating at one rate or another, and the light increases as the vibratory rate accelerates. Every thought, feeling and action emits vibrations that accordingly manifest situations and their outcomes, and the amount of light in individuals determines how far along—or if—they are on the ascension pathway.

Let us clarify any misunderstanding that ascension is in conjunction with transitioning from physical life to life in spirit. Ascension is an evolutionary process and entering Nirvana is automatic ascension in location only. Persons who advance from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously during Earth lifetime enter Nirvana’s fourth density residential areas; persons who don’t achieve that status prior to transition enter at the lower density of their lifetime energy registration. Nirvana does offer opportunities to attain a higher density status, but that doesn’t come automatically. Many residents prepare via specific studies and the aid of more evolved souls to strengthen character frailties so the next personage in the lineage is better equipped to evolve during the physical lifetime.

It may be helpful if we remind you of density’s two definitions, scientifically speaking. One is mass or the location of a mass. Earth is third density in mass and fourth in location; Nirvana is fourth density in mass and location. The other definition is soul evolvement status. Gaia, Earth’s soul, always has been fifth density regardless of what density her planetary body is in; and Nirvana’s residents range from second to fifth and higher in some cases.

To continue our clarification, during this unprecedented time in the universe there are exceptions to the law of physics that governs ascension, and the misunderstanding may derive from what we have told you about souls whose original contracts are amended. Persons whose experiences exceed the severity of some contract provisions may petition at soul level to leave this lifetime before completing remaining provisions. Divine grace honors these requests by permitting the individuals to either experience the rest of the contract choices in Nirvana or be given full credit for completion. Either way, they evolve into fourth density during their stay there.

Personal ascension has been going on at an increasing rate ever since the planet started ascending 70-some years ago. Almost all persons who responded to the massive infusion of light at that time and advanced from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously transitioned to Nirvana some time ago. A multitude of souls who were born during more recent decades also transitioned after attaining fourth density status; all whose contracts were amended to permit early entry to Nirvana have it; and many persons in your society today have advanced to that status. All in all, several billion souls have evolved during Earth’s ascension process to date, and her journey into successively higher energy planes assures that many more will do so.

One last word about vibrations. We have mentioned before the importance of words, how their vibrations affect the persons who use them and all who hear them. Experiments performed by Masuru Emoto are evidence of this, which you can see in the Water and Words part of this site: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html. Dr. Emoto came from a highly evolved civilization specifically to endow your world with those scientific discoveries, and when he transitioned a few months ago, he was welcomed by a throng of souls who know that he fulfilled his mission with grand success.

Beloved brothers and sisters, you light up your life and the lives of others by speaking kindly, and the ripple effects of your words are immeasurable. We journey with you in spirit and unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward


Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, January 11, 2015, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/january-11-2015/

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Dreamwalker: Umbro, 7jan2015

This is Umbro. Many of you occupied forms and lifetimes of the nations that you would call the First Nations. As you may be aware these societies were closer to Source than you are now. With less separation, and more connectedness. This experience was not separate enough to bring about the transition to the next age in a short amount of time, so it was deemed necessary by the collective consciousness to step separation up in a more complete way. You will notice that music from the ancient world was more complex than it is now, from a harmonic point of view, and this is one thing which was not completely hidden from view. In contrast, your music of today can resonate one or two of your energy centers, but pay close attention to where those are. Now imagine music that lights them all up at once. So much more than an auditory experience. So you begin to get a sense of what the technology in Atlantis was capable of, and this was but one of several advanced cities on the surface at the time. The picture painted by science is one of cultural evolution… Interpreting what they have at their disposal. You have a sense that perhaps this is upside down, as is the characterization of so – called “savages” as being anyone who doesn’t comply with the customs of the prevailing society. But this so at odds with the surrounding environment, your planet once being seen as “mother” and residents having that close a relationship with her.

Rest assured, a mother does not forget her sons and daughters, even if they might have a hard time seeing her as no more than a lump of dumb rock. It is an indicator of the separation necessary for the times. On the return wave now, you’ll start to see more indications of connectedness in strange and unexpected ways. Pay attention to your thought and make note of the times you think of separation and limitation. Then challenge yourself to find the opposite of those thoughts. If all is connected, then all solutions are relatively close at hand. Larger challenges will present themselves to you until you start using the corresponding ability that is being challenged by that problem. As a hint, your intuition plays a key role – the solution is the easy one right in front of you. But in separation, you need to present yourself with reasons to ignore that solution. Is it really character building to take the long way around? That may be, but sometimes it just takes longer. The end result is the same.We are always here to help, but observe silence out of respect for the process of discovery and achievement. The current 3D world by now may seem as an absurd farce – and that’s precisely what it is. Do not be afraid of money it too is a plaything that serves its purpose to entertain and educate. It is not the corrupting thing that it is made out to be – what you see here is the voodoo of lending power to an adverse idea. True freedom means something which does not include any form of thought control from someone else. Tempered with an understanding of your connectedness, you can and will accomplish great things.

We’ll check in again from time to time, and there will be more opportunities for in- person visits on the ships, for those who desire a reminder of thier connection with all things.

Thank you.

Source: Dreamwalkerdiaries

Golden Age of Gaia: News Special Edition: Are ETs Guiding us Toward our Next Planetary Evolution?


Hello dear readers. Thank you Alex, again, for your Feel Good voice and uplifting perspectives, finding bright spots in our world when the mainstream news propaganda machine typically feeds us doom and gloom! So glad to be back here on Golden Age of Gaia on this glorious Monday …let’s start off this week with some real fun: Extraterrestrials!

Wowie zowie …I am so stoked!! I’m elated and giddy as the rush of energy and excitement pulses through my Being, because I get to share this fascinatingly amazing article with you! Some of us can feel it in our bones how close we are to unprecedented changes, and evidence of such is all around us …if you can see the bigger picture.

For example, Congress passed a historic law four weeks ago effectively removing the power and funding of our federal government to prosecute medical marijuana cases of accused individuals residing in legal states. Other unprecedented events involve the public-at large not trusting our government instead of just the “conspiracy theorists”; standing up to our governments and not rolling over through protests and the like; and whistle blowers around the world coming forth with ground-shattering news exposing scandals of the highest nature, such as Edward Snowden and the NSA or Karen Hudes of World Bank.

Yet, many folks remain unconvinced and eternally unswayable of so many truths. And guess, what: That’s okay! Many many many years I’ve spent, personally and professionally –to my own detriment– trying to convince people of certain realities of which they will never believe. I will not do that anymore, not only for my own health and proper boundaries, but to honor them and their chosen path.

In 100 years from now (actually, I think it’s more like ten, at the most), I believe we’ll all be laughing at our ignorance and closed-mindedness of the existence of ETs and other such concepts like Hollow Earth. Just like visionaries proclaimed Lady Gaia is round, in the face of the then-contemporary world-wide belief that She was flat …so too we’ll come to learn that our space family and Inner Earth Agarthan cousins are most real –when our collective consciousness is ready for such Truths.

“One of the most important guide words in my quest has been ‘MAYBE…’ So let’s consider for a moment: The numerical chances seem infinitesimal that we are the sole self-aware species in the vast cosmos — with billions of planet-filled star systems just in our galaxy (among billions of galaxies). To claim it, seems to me beyond ignorance to outright arrogance. There are many claims from well-researched sources that we are being visited by off-planet species and have been for centuries, at least. But unless you’ve had direct contact with a Being from somewhere else in the universe, how do you determine what evidence is credible, and what is not?” stated Foster Gamble, who co-created the movieThrive and is considered a white hat of the Gamble family lineage from Proctor & Gamble.

Foster just said those of us who actually believe that we, as a species, are the only self-aware life in this incomprehensibly vast Universe are “beyond ignorant and outright arrogant.” Very much so, and I would add the term ego-centric, coming from my psychology background, meaning the world –well, in this case– the Universe revolves exclusively around us. WOW, that’s ridiculously laughable.

Speaking with my wife literally last week, our Guides gave us a new term: “earthno-centric” –just in time for this commentary (wink wink, boy their timing is Divine). As egocentric means feeling superior over others, and ethnocentric means feeling superior over people from other cultures, then coining this new term right now, earthno-centric means feeling superior to Beings from other planets. Further, let’s create “earthno-phobic” to describe those of us who fear Beings from other planets (ie, those who fear even the possibility of  life on other planets). Oh, the fun we’re having!

After watching Thrive, one viewer wrote in stating that he really enjoyed it; however, he thought that including the part about the ETs actually decreased the movie’s credibility, believing most people are not ready for such news. Foster replied, “Actually, not holding back on what we know has seemed to add an element of trust toward us, since clearly we were being true to ourselves and not some political agenda. A remarkable array of people from very high up in the hierarchy of corporate, science, government, military, intelligence and financial institutions contacted us afterTHRIVE precisely because we did include mentioning ETs as part of what needs to be considered in the big picture of global transformation.” Thank you Foster and crew for standing in your Light and in your truth.

One thing I love about the movie Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?is their gentle approach in presenting such foreign and “alien” concepts into our conscience… into our reality. If you haven’t seenThrive yet, please do. My next recommendation is the movie 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning. The time is now: Wake up, world… we need you to play your role in creating Nova Earth. We all have our parts to play, but cannot, if we stay unaware in the illusion. Break away from the programmed propaganda –and embrace the real you. Start by shutting off your TV, or at least mainstream news….

Pssst, please remember to forward this article to our fellow brothers and sisters who proudly wear the hats that read “doubting thomas” and “naysayer,” in order to continue to do our part in spreading our new awareness! Thank you.

We Are All One

Extraterrestrials — Imagine the Possibilities by Foster Gamble. Thrive Movement.

MOVIE…  Thrive:  What on Earth Will It Take?

MOVIE…  2012 Crossing over:  A New Beginning.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia

And 2015 Begins the “Unpacking” Phase thru the 1st Quarter!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

new earth unfolding

I hope you are all enjoying and fully experiencing the NEW Year, the new earth, the new…. well, everything!!  I find it bountiful on all levels!!  Of course, as the day of readings showed us yesterday, we are just getting started!!!  I think I can liken yesterdays reading experiences to unpacking the suitcase, but it is filled with all new stuff.  New energy, new layouts, new opportunities and things I have yet to find the words to describe.  The great thing about the items in this new suitcase, it knows where to go and how to work, all we have to do is show up and allow!!  Can you imagine that, just ALLOW!!  No work, no spinning in circles, no repetitive mantra’s…

One of the most interesting things from yesterdays connections is how much interpretation has changed, right down to the way I interpret numerology.  I like to keep things…

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Creating Alchemy with Crystal Elixirs of Liquid Light

Tania Marie

crystals Herkimer Diamond and Andaras in the light

I shared about crystal elixirs quite a while back, but felt inspired to again.

On the Winter Solstice New Moon of 2014, I was guided to create a new crystal elixir, which I’ve been taking since Christmas Eve. I hadn’t made one for some time now, so I found the intuitive nudge to be important to follow, which came out of the blue.

I’ve made different combinations before, some of which had many crystal essences providing their love. And each of them for different purposes that were aligned with and appropriate for that current time period they were created and my/others’ needs.

But this one I created on the Winter Solstice I knew was to be of a very special essence that would support taking things to another level.

It is a very pure, potent, extremely high vibrational essence, created only from three…

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SaLuSa 9 January 2015

Spirit Train Chronicles

There are signs all around you that indicate the period of immense change that you are passing through, and old problems that have beset you for millennia of time are coming to a head. Mankind is being confronted with conditions that are becoming intolerable, and they will continue until you are forced to deal with them. Peaceful solutions can be found, but it requires the will of those that lead you to seek more acceptable and lasting solutions. You can no longer continue in the old ways, and in some countries it will require a new Leadership to come forward to direct Man towards peaceful and acceptable answers. Part of this change of direction comes from you the people who wield much more power than you imagine. When the thought form for change grows it becomes a powerful tool that influences the Human population. The scene has gradually been set…

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The Accelerations, The Magnetics and OMG the ET’s!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I have said this on my facebook yesterday and I am going to say it again here, I am going to dub 2015 the year of our personal ET contact!  Now we had an insurgence of their foot into your readings back in March and April this past year, but now feels even different from then, more intense and if not more important that you start your connections (if you have any.)   However, with it all, comes the repetitive information that we really have a very limited understanding of the space we occupy called the earth realm.  Now however, it seems important for us to rediscover and use to its fullest, this realm called earth, to put aside what we think we know and allow even more usable information to become available to us.  It’s making my head spin!!!  I have decided I am going to dust off a…

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Changing the World by Changing Our Perspective

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It becomes clear to anyone who looks around that we live in a broken world.

Things happen every day that are appalling to say the least, and a lot of them are hidden from public view. Corporations and shadow governments run this world secretly (yet out in the open), and most common people are too internally divided to unite and address the problems that run rampant.

Depending on how we see the world, it could be the worst place to live or the best. This could be the most desolate, corrupt and broken planet in our mostly unexplored cosmos if we let it, and those of you who are alarmed or even depressed because of our world’s current condition are, in a way, right to feel the way you do.

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Awakening the Third Eye – Be Careful What You Wish For

Openhearted Rebellion

Pineal Gland -1Written by Gregg Prescott, In5D Guest, Waking Times, January 10, 2015 – http://tinyurl.com/p5plk6x

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for’? For some people, the opening of the 3rd eye can show them things that they really didn’t want to see.  For others, it’s a journey of enlightenment. If you are sure that this is something you want to do, then please read on.

According to wiki, the third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esotericconcept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra. The third eye is referred to the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Agespirituality, the third…

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