Kim Hutchinson: Prepping For Graduation To 5D


Earth is a classroom for the soul. For most of us, this is our last 3D incarnation. We are getting ready to graduate (shift/ascend) to the next dimension. In preparation, we are busy cleaning up loose ends from this lifetime and from prior incarnations.

Pre-Grad Stress

Preparing for spiritual graduation is akin to prepping for high school graduation. Students scramble to finish assignments and pass exams so that they can graduate with their class. Some work with tutors to bring up their grades and to pass challenging courses.

Others take full advantage of extracurricular activities. Most students feel ready to graduate, although many are apprehensive about the unknown future. Those who do know where they’re going are anxious to get on with their new life, and so interest in their present life wanes.

The majority are worried about leaving their friends, family and home. Many friendships and romantic pairings begin to fizzle out. It’s a time of poignant endings and exciting beginnings.

Mastery Learning

Earth is like a giant one-room classroom in which students of all levels are learning side-by-side. Within the classroom there are learning stations where students learn at their own pace through group-based activities. Students do not compete against each other.

They are focused instead on achieving their personal best. Frequent feedback is provided both internally (i.e. feelings, thoughts) and externally (i.e. events, actions) which helps them to correct mistakes. At the end of each trip to Earth school students self-assess their progress through a life review which provides them with guidelines for future instruction, called karma.

Souls start as a group and then move through the learning stations at their own pace. Some may skip a grade while others repeat, and others still may drop out of school. There is no right or wrong path back to the divine.

There are cosmic cycles of 13,000 years – half the Procession of the Equinoxes – which you might say roughly equate to the 13 years of grade school on Earth. At the start of each cycle, a new group of souls comes to Earth to begin their education.

At the end of the cycle, those souls move on to another learning laboratory. We are at the end of our learning cycle which means we are preparing to graduate from 3-D Earth into a new 5-D classroom. Before we move on, we have to finish as many lessons (karma) here as possible.

Karma Purging

The main task at hand for the majority of people is to resolve karma. Essentially, karma is unfinished lessons or learning opportunities. You accumulate karma when you act in a way that is not in alignment with your highest self. Each lifetime here, we chip away at old karma and we accrue new. Considering humans have spiritual amnesia, you can imagine how much karma we have accumulated.

Intense, Steep Learning Curve

In light of our pending graduation, the time for accruing new karma has passed. Now when we make a misstep, our karma confronts us almost instantly. Similarly, once we think we’ve learned a lesson, our mastery is tested right away.

We have no time to accrue new karma so we have to attend to it as we create it. Additionally, we are going through an accelerated karmic purge. Past life karma keeps coming up for us to heal and release. We no sooner get through one lesson (i.e. phobia, trigger, blockage), then another pops up.

There is very little time between tasks to rest. This can feel overwhelming at times. You may think you’re going crazy or feel that your life is a mess. It isn’t. You’re just tying up loose ends from many lifetimes.

3D Life Review

At the end of every Earthly incarnation, a soul is gently and lovingly guided through the process of a soul review. This helps us to appreciate the lessons we have learned, and to identify areas which require further study. For the impending graduate, however, the process is different.

We are preparing to step off the Wheel of Karma (the birth-death rebirth cycle). That means we have to undergo the life review process right here. This includes facing up to your mistakes and those of others, and then forgiving everyone involved. Needless to say, doing a life review and burning up karma while you’re still in 3D form is insanely difficult. Thankfully we have lots of help.

Cooperative Learning

Earth is a cooperative learning classroom so, as students complete their own assignments, they then assist fellow classmates with their karma. Helpers include healers and spiritual guides along with the undercover do-gooders (i.e. earth angels).

If you find yourself in this group, then chances are you are very busy helping to resolve karma for your family, friends, soul group, city, country, gender, ethnic group, and so forth. Even souls with no past Earthly lives (i.e. starseeds; crystal and rainbow children) are helping to resolve Earth’s collective karma.

Starseeds frequently say they feel like they were abandoned in an insane asylum. You volunteered to help, but nothing could fully prepare you for the challenges (i.e. violence) of Earth.

Spiritual Teachers

In the learning laboratory called life, we are all teachers and students. We are here to learn from one another. No one has all the answers. As long as you are still here, there are lessons for you to learn. Whenever you master a lesson, you automatically become a teacher for others.

Some souls have more past life 3D experience, and so these old souls frequently incarnate into younger souled families in order to accelerate their learning. If you feel like an outsider in your family, chances are you are a teacher for your loved ones.

Spiritual Tutors and Coaches

In addition to Earthly helpers, there are many off-world beings who are helping us prepare for graduation. These include angels, ascended masters, soul groups and higher selves, along with beings from other planets and dimensions.

You can call on them for help whenever you need. They will lovingly guide and inspire you, and help you in any way they can, short of doing your homework for you.

Graduation Day

Intrinsically we know graduation day is looming large. Most of us can feel the energy shifting higher and higher. We can see evidence of changes in our personal lives as well as on the global stage. You may not feel ready to graduate, but if you’re reading this article chances, you most likely are ready.

Still, you probably won’t have much time to sit back and reflect upon this, for we are like high school students who work until the final day of classes. So do the best that you can, and have faith that all will work out beautifully.

“Prepping to Graduation to 5D,” by Kim Huthinson, December 29, 2014 at

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Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson: The Cycle of Crucifixion


In this new cycle, which is long-awaited as are all cycles of this time, we enter into a space promoting the energy of freedom.

The vibration, frequency, and consciousness of freedom is awakening from the very depths of your soul, like a candle newly lit, casting greater light where there once was not.

The dawning and awakening of the vibration and consciousness of freedom within your soul is born due to your continued acceptance of the Era of Love. It is akin to a new aspect of your soul, readily available to be fully born into your embodiment.

Freedom is such a powerful vibration. It fills all the senses with the questions, answers, and experience of life beyond the physical reality; life which is the life force energy of the Creator, the source of the Creator.

Freedom speaks of a time where the soul and spirit are free from limitation and yet still exist within a physical reality. How can this be? It is a process of being and it is the true reality of humanity upon the Earth.

Remember that unlike previous Ascended Masters, your goal is not to ascend beyond the Earth; it is to ascend with your feet firmly planted within the soil of Mother Earth, thus acting as an accelerating boost for all upon the Earth.

As the vibration of freedom awakens within you, it is immensely important that you more fully ground yourself into the love of your being and the manifestation of the Era of Love upon the Earth. This will ensure your energy of freedom, which is a true acceptance of the infinite Creator, holds a power and wields a power within you, which builds bonds of love and communication rather than pain and destruction.

Some who are not willing to embed their energies in love may be distracted by the ego’s grasp upon their awakening freedom, feeling as if they can achieve anything and everything without concerning themselves about the wellbeing of others. Be aware of these souls as they cross your pathway, and give to them only your love, compassion, and forgiveness, for they have yet to see the true value of this sacred time of evolution upon the Earth.

The vibration of freedom, awakening from within your soul as the most precious jewel of the Creator, is an energy which will yield and create new pathways for each of you to walk, achieve, and experience upon the Earth. We ask you to let go of what is, can be, and was possible in the past. This consciousness is no longer needed and is required to be erased.

You may call me forth, Archangel Michael, asking me to work with you to erase the possibilities of the past, which have become embedded in your consciousness, now existing as beliefs. I will support you. Please ask as often as you can, and use the affirmation I share with you as a reminder that the possibilities of the past are immensely different to the possibilities of your present.

‘Freedom of my Soul awakens new celestial pathways of Love for my experience.’

Love is your pathway now, and it is a greater pathway than anything you have previously experienced. As a soul, as your higher aspect and Ascended-Master self, you understand love.

Now we are all moving through and into New Dimensions of Love which have not been previously experienced. This is a great honor. As a being in a physical body, you have been bestowed with the greatest honor, as you are able to truly FEEL these New Dimensions of Love as a physical and spiritual being. This means that if you choose to awaken to the possibility that all dimensions of love are available for your experience and embodiment, this will be your reality.

Think on this for a few moments. Even the energies you perceive as beyond your reach are available to you because your soul and energy aspects on the inner planes are also working to embody the new dimensions of love.

As you connect more fully with your soul, embodying your soul consciously, which means with awareness, you allow yourself conscious access to all dimensions of love your soul has embodied, and so forth, meaning you are in connection with all vibrations of love.

You are love incarnate on the Earth. Many planets are achieving the same, and there will come a time when these planets such as Earth reach a percentage of love which allows them to connect together, beginning a process of integration, consciously.

This will first manifest as heightened waves of love consciousness, understanding, and wisdom, flowing into your entire being, akin to being continuously recharged with love vibrations. Some vibrations will be new to you, allowing further embodiment and unification of and with the Creator.

These are the greater possibilities of the Era of Love; you may see why we say you are only just beginning your journey with and as the Era of Love.

Returning to the vibration of freedom awakening from your soul, which in truth is minuscule and yet is powerfully impacting your entire being and will continue to do so; the vibration of freedom is causing a new cycle and the completion of an old cycle.

The time of Crucifixion is upon us. Master Jesus has demonstrated the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension on the Earth. I say this without reference to any religious ideas. Master Jesus is a soul the same as yourself, many have moved through the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension, and yet the journey of Master Jesus is most noted.

In the past, individuals chose to move through Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. Now is the time for all of humanity to engage in this process, bringing the cycle to an end, thus changing the process and experience of Ascension upon the Earth.

And so I remind you of the affirmation: ‘Freedom of my Soul awakens new celestial pathways of Love for my experience.’

With the vibration of freedom, so the process of Crucifixion is activated from within you, an energy that moves through you and your life and the sacred growth of your soul in embodiment, asking you to let go of that which no longer supports you.

Crucifixion can manifest in numerous ways; I can reassure you it will not be as the harsh conditions of Master Jesus. You may experience Crucifixion in your mental or emotional being; the releasing of energies to allow a new rising of your soul within your being.

Please realize Crucifixion is not a punishment; it is a healing process brought forth as the part and aspect of the journey and pathway of love. Nor should my words create the belief of negative experiences in your reality; this is not the case.

Crucifixion is a positive healing and empowerment. It could be likened to sacrifice, please know the Creator would not ask you to sacrifice yourself. However, you may find yourself holding up energies to the light you do not wish to let go of. In these times, to make your journey easy, there is a need to ask yourself, “What is the truth of love?” If love is born from need, then it is not the true love of the Creator and is simply an attachment.

The Crucifixion is a process of dissolving attachment. For those willing to let go and remain in love, peacefully accepting freedom from unneeded reactions while creating from within all they wish to experience, the process of Crucifixion may not be noticed.

For those not wishing to let go, wishing to react and fight the process of release and healing, creating drama and chaos, then the time of Crucifixion may be turbulent and painful. Your experiences and reactions to your reality are your choosing. Allowing yourself to remain in and as love as much as possible will cause you to accelerate through many processes of ascension in the blink of your eye.

Moving through the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension will allow for you to complete a cycle you began long ago. Thus the process of ascension through pain will fall away, allowing you to enjoy the continuous process of Resurrection and Ascension on the Earth.

This is a journey for all of humanity. There cannot be a time placed on the completion of this journey, for all will dissolve the cycle with divine timing. If you allow yourself to consciously let go of thoughts, emotions, and all you feel is not an expression of your soul, love, or the Creator, this will decrease dramatically their manifestation into your physical reality.

We give you our Love, Truth, and Support,

We are One,
Archangel Michael

“Archangel Michael: The Cycle of Crucifixion,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 2, 2015, at

To view this message at its source click here: Natalie Glasson Sacred School of OmNa Free Weekly Channeled Message

Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: 2015 – The Year of Discovery


Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are, so pleased, to be in your presence today.

We honor you for coming on this magical day of celebration to anchor the energies of the group. And of course when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We wish you a blessed solstice. What a wondrous time on your planet. 2014 has been a profound and pivotal year, not only for you individually, but for your entire planet. You have shifted from one age into another and you have done it brilliantly.

We would like to give you an overview of what has been going on with you, as well as a sneak preview, if you will, of the energies of the year you are moving into, and it is our greatest pleasure to do so.

You have been experiencing accelerated energies since mid 2012. You entered into this rapid moving energy with the first of the Uranus/Pluto squares that your astrologers have been speaking of.

This has been a series of astrological events that have been completely transformative in their nature. We liken these energies to being in whitewater rapids. You, in mid 2012, entered into the beginning of the rapids and started accelerating. Once you made it past that pivotal alignment of December 21, 2012, the acceleration was profound.

You have been in these rapids since then. So, let us think about what that means. When you are in accelerated movement, you are buffeted from all sides. You do not feel straight and smooth growth. You do not feel a steady, predictable trajectory of movement.

You go in one direction very quickly and stop, and then the flow shoves you in another direction very quickly, and it becomes so fast; so quick that you become very focused on just holding tight, in just not bouncing out of your boat, so to speak.

You may have water thrown in your face, you may feel cold, you may be uncomfortable, you may feel jarred, you may get bumped into by other passengers in your boat. Everything is churned up. There is no time to pay attention to what other people are doing because it takes all of your concentration to hold on.

It is unpredictable to be in rapids; and when you can barely see and are moving so very erratically, it can be difficult to gauge how much progress has been made because you are not even really able to watch the scenery as it goes by.

Dear Ones, you are almost out of the rapids, and we want you to think about what that means. When you reach the end of a series of rapids, the stream widens and the flow evens out. It still moves very quickly but in a smoother, more enjoyable way.

All of a sudden, you can start to see your new landscape. You don’t have to hold on as tightly anymore. You can settle down and start to enjoy the journey again. All of a sudden, from this new vantage point, you can see that your new creations are taking form and that you are actually getting somewhere.

You can catch your breath, and you can now see who is still in the boat with you. You feel tired but alive, strangely exhilarated by all you have been through. You are different, but whole, and amazed with your resiliency and new state of being.

So, we would say that because you are coming out of the end of this period of profound and radical change, that you will find 2015 to be The Year of Discovery. It will be all about learning what all of this means, now that you are landing in this brand new land, in a very different energetic space, yourself. This is exciting and momentous for you.

We had called 2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships, and that is very much been what you’ve been working on. You’ve been working on your relationship with self. Self-love has been a predominant theme through 2014. Your relationship with self and your relationship with Source have been first and foremost of importance this year, because you cannot create balanced relationships outside of yourselves until you have created it within.

You have had shifts in your friendships, in your dealings with others. You have moved into greater balance and boundaries with family members. You have learned the art of acceptance and allowing, in many cases. You have honed your boundaries. You have forgiven yourselves and others, and encouraged yourselves and others. You have expanded your ideas about love and unity consciousness.

You are evolving and it is showing. You have also been reevaluating your relationship with the planet and with the universe, as well, understanding that everything you do sends a ripple across the cosmos. All of this has been preparation for moving forward in earnest. So we would say to you that you have done the work, and you have done it splendidly.

We understand that this has been a long and arduous process of purging and releasing. We understand that this has been difficult, but the wonderful news is that after all the purging and releasing you have done, you are left with the pure essence of you. You are left with the divine glory of who you really are. You will be moving forward in your truth, in your transparency, in your integrity, in your beingness.

You have been cleansed so thoroughly there is no more hiding who you really are. Your insides and your outsides will finally be matching. It is from that space of beingness, of self-love and self acceptance, of finally owning your divinity and walking your purpose, that everything else will reflect that. It can be no other way.

Gone are the days of hiding – you simply cannot play small any longer. It will be too uncomfortable to try to compromise, to try to hide, to try to deny who you really are. We talk about solstice events as being save points. You have saved your light, your progress, every step of the way. There is no going back. There is only moving forward, and moving forward into 2015 means finally starting to be your real selves and starting to reap the fruits of your labor.

It is like an archeological dig. You have seen archaeologists who have painstakingly swept away debris with the belief that there was something magnificent below. You have all been your own archaeologists, and the purging and clearing that you have been doing has been to get to the treasure that has been there all along.

You can never be disappointed with what you discover! Everything is sacred and amazing when you make discoveries during your dig. And once you see the glory of what is inside, you will never again cover it up or hide it.

You preserve it, don’t you? You appreciate it. You learn more about it. You share it with others, because it is such a wondrous discovery. You are all beautiful, glorious treasures! We have always seen that truth. Now you are starting to see it is so.

We are so excited to see what you will do with this brand new year. It will be fun. You will finally start to see your abilities. You will finally start to live your truths. People will finally start to see you for who you really are. People will comment on your energy, on how shifted you are, on how beautiful you are.

Be mindful. Be true to who you are. Allow yourselves to shine. Know that from this actuated place you will be drawing to you, effortlessly, the experiences that you wish to have. From living in your truth and from shining your light courageously, the rejuvenation that you’ve been seeking will come. The healing that some of you have been searching for will occur.

The divine partnerships will happen. The soul groups that some of you have already started reconnecting with will come together with ease, with joyous friendships and relationships that support and uplift each other. The weight of the ascension process will be lifted. It will start to feel joyful and not as heavy because there are so many participating in it now.

For many of you, your purposes will change and shift. For many of you who have been part of this process for a very long time, you will feel like your load has been lifted. You will not be feeling the intense sense of responsibility that so many of you have carried. It will lighten up.

Allow it to expand into its full glory and understand this shift is likely to involve far more being than doing. Whatever you choose to do will be a true match to you, and will be far more joyful as a result.

There is nothing that you need to do other than to be your splendid self and to discover all of the gifts and treasures that already exist within you. What glorious times you are in!

We honor you for all that you have done. We thoroughly enjoy you in your human antics. You are so loved, so supported, so celebrated! Go forth joyously and know that you have done magnificent work, and that the fruits of your labor and the next phase of this Shift, are so well-deserved.

But before you come out of the energies of this channel, we ask you to simply open up and receive a divine blessing of love from us today. We are always with you and you will always have everything you need. And with that, we will bid you adieu. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

“Archangel Gabriel: 2015 The Year of Discovery,” channeled by Shelley Young, December 21, 2014, at

To view this message at its source, click here: Shelley Young Trinity Esoterics

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: January 6, 2015


6 Cimi, 4 Chen, 11 Ik

Dratzo! We arrive with some very interesting news! The process, which is changing your reality, continues to move forward despite attempts by the dark cabal to delay it further.

This caused the failure to announce the merest of beginnings for the delivery of your prosperity packages. The dark, overall, has failed to prevent the start of these deliveries. However, this process is moving toward a time when such success can be publicly noticed. On the whole, we are satisfied that those governments now controlled by the dark are on their last legs.

The first month of the New Year promises to give you the prosperity and governance which has long been prophesied for you. Our earthly allies are determined to overcome any possible obstacles and give you a new financial system. This system is to force the drastic realigning of various regimes in the West and rapidly create new governance.

It is this new governance that is finally to permit disclosure to happen. It is this dramatic event that propels us onto the world’s stage. Much is to occur once this special moment happens. Our personnel are ready to announce themselves and open the communication channels with you.

In that moment, the energies are to appear to provide us the opening to commence a series of announcements to you. Thus, a whole series of events are to inevitably lead to a mass landing and the beginnings of your training with us. The Ascended Masters and the Agarthans plan to explain a great deal of your history to you.

This is to cover even the rise and true meanings of the great religious philosophies which are the core beliefs for most of you. You require evidence and a general recounting of what actually happened. This divine set of stories needs to be reset and not thoroughly manipulated, as has been the case with much of what you now possess.

The dark skillfully took what was most helpful to its own purposes and restructured those things which you presently deeply believe in. Our point is simply to let in the truth and let you rediscover what really occurred. At that moment, you can begin to see how the great avatars wished you to be. This is based on Love, Light, and the great Oneness of all humanity.

Our mission to you is founded on these grand principles. We have come with a need to learn more about you and, at the proper divine moment, reveal ourselves to you. Much has gone on which, in our minds, caused a delay in these most important announcements.

Nevertheless, individuals and groups exist in your societies that are dedicated to manifesting a new reality founded upon truth, liberty, and global prosperity. There exists, long hidden by the dark, the means to reveal technologies and wealth which free you from the drudgery of daily life. We can further state that there is a means to end war which the dark has long used to keep nations and people apart.

Each of you needs to look deep inside and truly discern how this monkey business has played upon you. The cleverness of the dark cabal cannot be overstated. It has kept you doing its business for literally millennia. The time now comes to stop this nonsense and use your inner Love to build a new epoch for humanity.

What our allies deeply wish is for you to plan and be ready to implement a way toward doing your part to reshape this present reality. Our task is to oversee your mass efforts and help you to better understand the immensity of what you are about to accomplish. This process took you nearly 13 millennia to achieve.

We come to be the ones to give you the final push toward your success. We know that this effort has presently caused you some frustration. Soon, you can be more objective and laugh at the whole matter. Nonetheless, the time to do great things arrives.

Be kind to each other. Be ready to aid your mutual causes and to bask in your new achievement of your rights and of your new-found prosperity. Realize that this system is temporary.

Full consciousness is to give you quite a different outlook on what has occurred and what is about to occur. Money, and all that goes with it, is simply the resource for allowing you to begin to develop a new philosophical outlook on life. This is to serve you well as you morph into your fully conscious selves.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you with some surprising information. First, let it be known to all that our associates are busily beginning their part of the general delivery. The monies are being transferred in specific groups to those who are to actually bring this prosperity to you.

The Light fully expected the dark cabal to use its many available technologies to hamper these efforts. Thus, it was no surprise when this happened to our first attempts at the end of this last Gregorian year of 2014. We were thus able to stop and to correct what we were doing. The actual method to accomplish our deliveries is to be successful, but requires absolute secrecy.

We say this only to inform you that deliveries are to go forward without any fanfare. Each of you is to have a personal trust account. Once you have done the preliminaries, be ever mindful of security. These deliveries are to quickly lead to new governance. Listen carefully to the first announcement. Then do what is to be suggested.

New governance is to suggest a number of strategies on how to further secure these special funds. Use what you feel is most appropriate. It is vital that you begin to spread this wealth around.

In addition, government funds, such as tax refunds and increased amounts for your public pensions, are to begin their circulation. Use these where applicable to aid the growth of your local economies.

There is also to be a series of new banking rules. These regulations are to aid your own redeployment of your funds. Know that we deeply wish you to buy houses, cars, and other resources.

This is going to support those who are to use their funds to rebuild the manufacturing and infrastructure parts of your economies. The thrust of these many different monies is to permit your local economies to repair and restore the manufacturing elements and much needed foundation abandoned en masse by the dark cabal.

We are explaining this in advance to prepare you for what is either shortly to happen or else is now underway. We are most enthused about what our many associates are accomplishing. It has been an even more difficult task than many of our associates at first believed was to happen.

We are also most pleased with what Heaven’s newest edicts have permitted our Agarthan and space friends to do. The coming time is therefore to be one filled with deeds that are to push the cabal from power and permit mass arrests of the entire leadership of this malicious group. This new reality is to be set forth in rapid stages.

Each segment is to be given the time for you to fully grasp and understand its basic meanings. When all is done, you are to be ready for our lessons and for our space family to finally arrive. It is indeed to be the best of times. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we explained to you what is to happen. Take this information and be patient. As noted, the best is now to come. Be prepared and ready for these truly astounding changes. Do not be disappointed if these final steps take a little longer.

The new epoch for humanity is finally ready to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle, January 6, 2015, at

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Robert L. Rupp: How to Use Meditation to Help You Out of a Depressive State

robert rupp

We live in interesting times. On the exterior, we live in a vastly advanced society with impressive social structure and the ability to innovate.

On the exterior, we have hundreds of differing medicines and procedures to help us deal with a myriad of physical ailments that could affect us. As they say, beauty is only skin deep.

Depression is a formidable opponent for millions. If left unchecked, depression can also lead to stress, illness, feelings of hopelessness, and feeling like there is no way out. Brain chemistry is also effected by depression.

From a neurological standpoint, most people effected by depression show reduced alpha activity in the frontal lobes. Alpha brainwaves are one of the most common brainwave patterns among those who meditate. This presents an opportunity for the advancements of our modern society to explain how you can use meditation to help bring you out of a depressive state.

It should be understood that meditation, although simple, has been proven to offer moderate relief in addressing psychological stress. If you are feeling depressed, you should consult your preferred healthcare practitioner.

That being said, many medical professionals are now beginning to see more scientific proof that meditating can help with treating and preventing depression and “clinicians should be prepared to talk with their patients about the role that a meditation program could have in addressing psychological stress.”[1][2] Because of the increase of proof backed by research in neuroscience and many published articles, it is hard for even the most trained of doctors to dismiss its benefits.

Knowing that meditating causes an increase in alpha brainwave activity and that those with depression show reduced alpha wave activity in the frontal lobes helps many to place belief in their meditative practice.

Learning that it is a spiritual practice backed by scientific and medical research can help reduce our inner skeptic. Believing that meditation will help reduce your depression is the first and most important principle of practice. Through your belief in its methods and faith in its practice, many argue that intention alone can promote healing.

In order to use meditation to help bring you out of a depressive state, the first thing you must do is believe it will work. This trust in its purpose must come from your heart. This is a very important step. You need not know everything there is to know about it just yet, but you need to trust that it can and will work for you.

Once you have the desire to improve your mental health and mood with the aid of meditation, you need to simply start practicing. Find a time of day you can commit to for daily practice that will be easy to adhere to and will not cause stress. If you are stressed out finding time to meditate or a place you will not be disturbed, this can make it more difficult to enter meditation.

Because the alpha brainwave state is the goal and alpha is a state of relaxation, it is important that you be relaxed. Have fun with it – meditation is intended to be a pleasurable and relaxing practice.

Don’t be afraid to jump in head first and have fun with it. Do not worry if at first you find it hard to clear your mind and relax. If you remember learning to ride a bike, you probably realize not all things are perfected on the first try. The results will come.

While meditating, visualizing is also an important tool. Close your eyes and relax while trying to picture what you perceive to be pleasurable. We all like different things. Not everyone wants to picture themselves on a beach. While visualizing, it is important to make it personal. What place would you love to visit? What activity might you enjoy doing? Have fun with your visualizations and be playful in their construction. In your mind, you have the ability to be at ease.

You can also mix sitting meditations with relaxation music to achieve good results. There are hundreds of options available when selecting music. This music does not always have to be soothing new age music.

For starters, think about music you love that always makes you feel good or relaxed. Using meditation to bring you out of a depressive state is a very personal undertaking. Simply go with your intuition. Do whatever feels right and feels good for you. There are thousands of different types, all with volumes of research and resources.

From the formless meditation called Shikantaza to the more involved zen or mudra meditations, it is very possible to find a practice right for you. The most important thing is to start meditating with the intent of bringing you out of a depressing state. Believe in your goal and in your purpose. The type and the details of your perfect practice will then begin to unfold for you with less effort.

You may even find that solutions will come to you. Look for people, places, and circumstances that present an opportunity for you to learn to meditate, or a related practice. Meditation mixed with visualization, soothing music, and the belief in oneself can have a tremendous impact on depressive states.

Other forms of moving meditations such as Tai Chi, Yoga, or Qi Gong can greatly complement sitting meditation. These practices focus on a calm mind, relaxing the breath, fluid movements, good posture. These practices also teach how to discover and control the theorized life force of the human body.

In most practices, this life force is called Chi. The confidence gained from learning how to control ones vital life energy and the grace that can come with these practices can help many individuals overcome depression by anchoring accomplishment.

Meditating also has no bad side effects or risks other than the possibility of falling asleep. In today’s fast paced world, most do not get enough sleep. I believe we could all use a little more rest and relaxation each week.


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“How to Use Meditation to Help You Out of a Depressive State”, by Robert L. Rupp, January 5, 2015 at

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Angels and Spiritual Evolution

Openhearted Rebellion

Credit: Dave McClellan

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

One of the ideas that’s tossed around the conscious community is that there are other planes of existence beyond the physical earth. With dedication, effort and patience, we can raise our vibration and become higher-vibrational beings who look upon the earth (and other lower realms) with the desire to help its people evolve.

Some people think there’s more to life than our human level of existence, and beyond this realm exists other, more advanced ones that boast the ‘angels’ we’ve heard so much about from religion. I’m open to the idea that angels exist, and I think they’re higher-vibrational beings who do what they can to help us understand our spiritual nature and let the divine into our lives.

In order to raise our vibration enough to find enlightenment, we’ll have to open our minds and consider concepts we…

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Could Life Thrive on an Aquaplanet?

Openhearted Rebellion

Snippet from The Environmental News Network –

Nearly 2,000 planets beyond our solar system have been identified to date. Whether any of these exoplanets are hospitable to life depends on a number of criteria. Among these, scientists have thought, is a planet’s obliquity — the angle of its axis relative to its orbit around a star.

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 10JAN2015

Spirit Train Chronicles

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (10 January 2015) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic LightShips.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm

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Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast January 2015 – The Year of Abundance

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Photo - EmmanuelThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

My Beautiful Friend,

What a joy it is for me to enter the sparkling energies of a brand new year with you!

Before we dive into the energies the year 2015 has in store for us, I’d like to answer a question that people have asked me since I began these forecasts back in 2009.

The question usually goes something like, “How do you tap into the energies of what’s going on, and where does it come from?”

The answer to the first part of this question has always been simple: mindfulness.

Everything becomes crystal clear when we choose to lead a life of mindfulness, paying attention to our internal and external environments.

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