Coping Tips for Empaths

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For all you fellow empaths, here are some tips to help you feel more empowered:

Coping Tips for Empaths

Thanks to my Pisces brother Mitch for sharing this article, as I know a lot of people that need support in this area, are going through intense challenges right now, and perhaps even more so with all the holiday hustle and bustle of gatherings. So these kinds of things are always good reminders. Then it’s up to the individual to consciously engage and put them into action daily until they become second nature.

There are many ways you can support yourself and the article provides nine really good ones.

I also believe it’s important to stay balanced and very present, spend time communing with and recharging in nature, nurture and take care of yourself – giving to you as much as you give to others, keep your body strong, healthy and…

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