Dreamwalkerdiaries: 2014 Wrapup (Adrial)

Spirit Train Chronicles

Hello, this is Adrial. As we move out of the old and into the new, your connections may seem to have reduced as you accept new energies and make them your own. You have realized that the energy that makes up this planet is at times foreign to you, as is you have travelled to another place and time. At once familiar yet unfamiliar… You have read of this place yet to experience it is something else entirely. At the same time, as you become acclimatized to new energies you will experience greater durations of ease and comfort. Think about what you would do to feel good, at home, comfortable. Walking in old shoes. These times will occur with increasing frequency, and you may sometimes be surprised to find that it not something you are accustomed to deriving comfort from. What alarmed you in the past can have less concern…

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