Marie McCormack: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling or Knowing: Find Your Strongest Psychic Gift

Openhearted Rebel


Written by Marie McCormack, The Master Shift, December 18, 2014 –

Everyone has psychic abilities. Most reject them, while a few embrace them and cultivate them. If you’ve ever wondered about your own psychic abilities, and you’re ready to take a leap, here are a few of the most common abilities people claim to have  and how to develop them in yourself.


Clairvoyance is “second sight,” and it’s a way of “seeing” but not with your eyes.  Psychic experts who have this ability will receive intuitive information visually. Usually, this is in the form of pictures, or visions, or even symbols. If you ever see twinkling lights out of the corner of your eye, you’re a visual learner, if you have very vivid dreams, or if you often find yourself daydreaming, you may have the underlying cognitive requirements for being clairvoyant.

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