Edwin Nel: Intuitive and Instinctive Knowingness the Way of the Future

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Written by Edwin Nel, The Master Shift, December 9, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/kvs4s7g

In one of my recent meditations, I was guided to see how bees and ants make use of their intuitive and instinctive knowingness, this internal guidance system tells them where they should go or what needs to be done next.

These small insects venture out from either a bee-hive or ant-nest, journeying to collect food for the whole – the collective group. All bee and ant colonies work together by following their inborn intuitive guidance system.

Every bee and ant has their own specific job function and that job does not interfere with any of the other bees or ants in the colony. Very often a large number ants would join forces, working together to accomplish a combined goal; like bringing food back to the nest for the collective group. Bees on the other hand would use…

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