Disruption of Our Electronics Highway as the InterGalactic Community Comes Online!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

ET studies us too.

Ya ever feel like you are living a real life scene from the Twilight Zone??  As yesterday progressed, that is sure as hell how I was feeling.  When I woke up my internet was down, not a completely unusual thing, but always frustrating.  Every now and again it would pick itself back up and I could hurry up and open a browser (mainly, wordpress so I can do what I got up to do) and then it would crash again… and again… and again.  I didn’t feel too panicky since I posted this dilemma in my blog yesterday and asked to have those on my dance card, to call me.  It really is amazing how much of our (my) life is dependant on the internet for functionality!!!

The internet was taking on a life of its own, or a death maybe, or both!!  Yes, BOTH!!  I did not have enough…

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