Tool Sets, Relationships and Finding Your Glass Slippers!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I am going to start this off by answering a question posed on my facebook yesterday.  I keep referring to our “tool set” and using them.  The first and main tool set, love, kindness, generosity, grace, patience, acceptance, non judgement, Self expression, and so on.  Without this main tool set up and running as a way of life, anything else gets diluted.  To employ these tools as a way of life, means you have cleared the clouds from your Being, learned to see and love beyond the illusion and can see the gift in all things.

The second part of the tool set only gets stronger as the above become clearer/natural.  That would be your ability to see, hear, feel, smell the voice and communication of not only spirit, but of all life, all things.  To harness energy and work with it, change it, enhance it, stay balanced thru it…

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The Ides of December and the Massive Flood of Light!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.  Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.

I find myself to be a rather funny creature, I spend all day long looking at the smaller details of every reading, tossing them and turning them to see how it all fits together, but the big things that are staring me in the face, I miss time and time again!!  In every reading on the 14th, the day of the 15th was blurry, distorted, unviewable.  I knew it was a huge energy day, the first thing I should have said to myself, take contact out at night.  But nope, didn’t even cross my mind.  It was even stated several times, this moment we call the 15th, like the 11th, started at one second after midnight and finished at one second after midnight.  I completely missed, or maybe, subconsciously ignored, the elephant in the readings.  My bad!!

It takes me about 10…

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Leaping Into the Expanded…..???

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.  Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.

I swear our beloved universal life forces want us to take time to laugh, I laughed thru just about every reading yesterday, the images, the song messages… cracked me up all day long!!

The first one I want to share is the song message, how the hell do you stay focused when ever and over again you hear ZZ Top rocking the lyrics “she a wants a pearl necklace!!”  Now, I love ZZ Top, but my crazy mind kept going into the holy gutter with the whole pearl necklace line.  It took me the better part of the day to really understand what was really being shared by this lyric.

My lady showed up formless, a large swath of cloud energy and yet, I could feel her soul signature thru it all, I knew what I was seeing was her.  All I could think…

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Which Garden of Life Are You Growing/Focused On Within??

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Man oh man, ya ever just want to take the field and shake the living daylights out of it while yelling “gimmie something I can I understand.”  Well, that was how it went 4 out of 5 readings yesterday.  Of course, me and my silly expectations.  We are back into quantum soup for a moment.  At least I wasn’t completely down, I could see the field and some sort of energy called you, it oddly resembled the color spectrum of the rising sun I took yesterday:

rising sun

Now get rid of all the trees and things are not the sky… in one form or another, that is what 4 out of 5 readings looked like.  It is hard enough to interpret imagery with form, but now, cloud like formations!!!???  But clouds that had matter to them, more like cotton balls, I could feel the texture, feel the energy but understand it……

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