Channeling Uncensored : a conversation with SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 6 Dec. 2014

Multidimensional Ocean

Channeling Uncensored : a conversation with SaLuSa.

Laura: tonight I was asked by SaLuSa to channel for him and to let my fingers type without pause. He said I can ask any question that I wish for and to let it flow, as there is a rather large piece of information to download. So here we go folks!

Laura: how many ET species are involved with the Earth at the moment? And for how long has this involvement been taking place?

SaLuSa: currently there are about a dozen different species having various types of business with various Earth governments. Interstellar ETs are more dangerous to the humans, but also more vulnerable, because of the lack of knowledge of this planet’s history. Interstellar species rarely get involved with this planet. The species dealing with your planet are mostly from the local cluster of planets in proximity of your solar system.

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