Thru the Eye of the Needle Day (plus) Divine Counterparts Defined.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

eye of the needle

Before I start sharing about the significance of today, December 11th, I really want to take a long moment and clear something up.  When a I share, it is always from the perspective of the unseen realm of communication and understanding, most especially, my team.  Their definition of something and the collectives (on earth) definition of something if often times, worlds apart.  Most especially with the term they started using a couple of years ago called “Divine Counterpart.”  It was the first time in my 15 year communion with them, they ever gave anything a “label.”  Not once in all my journeys did they ever use the terms soul mate or twin flame and truly, from my teams perspective, they do not see one relationship more valuable than another.

It really doesn’t matter if two people from the same soul or soul group find each other on earth, they are…

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