The Three Day, Three Year Event of the 11:11

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Wow, what an event!! This was an 11:11 like i have never experienced before, not to mention it was three days wide!!  It really took me all three days to fully get the significance of it all, not to mention a lot of non-readings yesterday.  I will explain that in a moment.  I am just going to start with the 10th and fill it all in.

The fullness of the 11:11 really started on the 10th, when the pure cream energy from spirit.  I have got to stop and wonder, why, of all the symbolism spirit and earth can use, why use cream?  Nothing is ever without a higher purpose in their choices.

So lets just look at how we get cream.  When we milk a cow, the life source for their creation (baby cows) and it sits in a container, the butterfat part of the milk starts to rise…

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