The Spirit World Chronicles – The Borderlands: Earthly Needs and Wants are Provided – Part 2/2

Karma Yoga Daily

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

According to Stead, even people who were businessmen on earth will find an interest that suits them in the fourth dimension.

“The keen business man on earth whose only interest is in making his business successful will also find scope for his ability. He will come in contact with the house of organization, and he will find himself linked up with work transcending in interest anything that he could have imagined for himself whilst upon earth.” (1)

The gloom and depression that can come with leaving the physical behind is the reason recently departed spirits are allowed to indulge in earthly pleasures, Stead shares. One’s interest in them will gradually fade after indulging in them for a while, to be replaced with an interest in all things spiritual.

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