Oversoul Teachings: You’ve Come to Earth on a Sacred Mission

Openhearted Rebellion

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Note: I offer this message (and a few others that I’ll offer in the coming days) on the heels of a decision to merge my channeling and writing into what I call ‘meditative writing’. Combining my writing and channeling would mean I no longer produce ‘Oversoul Teachings’ messages, but I think it’ll give the articles you read from me an added boost.

There are a few different types of entities one can channel if they’re particularly open and receptive, and these types are based on where each entity’s at along their growth.

You can connect with fourth-dimensional souls, which include departed loved ones and fourth-dimensional guides who are readying themselves to grow into the fifth dimension but still desire to communicate with humanity as an aspect of their service; you can connect with fifth-dimensional guides, angles, etc. who have a…

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Stephanie Lucas: The Meaning of Namaste: Many Translations, One Universal Intention

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namaste-handsWritten by Stephanie Lucas, Guest for Waking Times, November 8, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/pgspgeu

Regardless of culture, humans seem to have a universal need to greet one another upon meeting and parting. Bowing in Japan, hand-clapping variations in African countries, and saying hello and shaking hands or hugging in English cultures – are just a few of the most commonly known salutations. While customs and traditions vary, there does seem to one greeting that is becoming more popular worldwide – that of Namaste.

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Times You Are Now Experiencing Are Setting the Template for All Others Who Follow

Openhearted Rebellion

hilarion2Hilarion: The Times You Are Now Experiencing Are Setting the Template for All Others Who Follow, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, November 9, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

You have all received a great influx of energy in the past week and this is now beginning to assimilate within your human operating systems.

This higher energy creates a greater cleansing and purging to occur, bringing up memories and triggers from the past that set you into reaction rather than thoughtful response.

When this happens, realize that it is part of the process of integration and assimilation by your body system, and forgive yourselves the irritability and lack of patience in your interactions with others.

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8-Year-Old Uses Crystal Grids to Transmute Negative Energy and Explains How it Works

he children of today are rumored to be far more consciously adept than our previous generations.  If thats true this might be a piece of supporting evidence of that.

In this video, 8 year old Adam introduces his latest crystal grid, which he calls a “web” grid. It pulls in dark energy and transmutes it to the light.

Check it out :

It took Adam about 10 minutes to build this grid which is full of various crystals – Amethyst, Apophyllite, Celestial Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz points, Vogels, and several Lemurian Seed Crystals.

Adam didn’t pull the pattern of the grid out of a book or research it on the internet. Instead he chose to listen to the guidance of the stones themselves.

What do you think these kids will be doing in even 5 years from now?

Reference: The Spirit Science;

Spiritual, NOT Religious

When I talk to some people about spirituality, they commonly respond with, “Oh, but I’m not religious,” to which I respond, “Yeah, me neither.” Then they look a bit puzzled.

The way I see it, every religion is some human being’s interpretation of spiritual principles, and while there’s a lot of overlap in the teachings of all religions that probably points to some spiritual truth, I find myself resisting any dogma that says that one way is “The Way” and everything else is hogwash.Ages ago, I wrote about my “Grab Bag Religion”. Some critique such an approach to spirituality, arguing that those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” lack the discipline that comes from focus on one religious pathway.

Others say that the California-style “It’s all good” approach to spirituality fails to offer clear morals and strict values. This may be a valid criticism. Certainly spiritual practice can deepen one’s spiritual journey, and living a life of integrity tends to accompany spiritual commitment.

I certainly respect those who have found a religious discipline that feels aligned with their truth, but after investigating many religious paths, none felt truly authentic to my soul.

Though Buddhism most closely resonates with me and though I’m attracted to the yogic tradition, I still say that Jesus is my favorite. And yet, I don’t consider myself a Buddhist or a committed yogini or a Christian.

I tend to resonate with the Buddhist teachings of non-dualism, especially the way Adyashanti teaches, but I’m also attracted to the Divine Feminine goddess worship of the yogic tradition, especially the way Sera Beak expresses it.

I also love the Sufi mystic poets like Rumi and Hafiz. Yet, no deity speaks to my heart more than Jesus, who strikes me as perhaps the most loving being to have ever walked the earth in human form

If you mix all those together, you get a flavor of the cocktail of my spiritual inklings. But yours might taste quite different, and I think that’s perfectly okay.

Defining “Spiritual But Not Religious”

If you, like me, consider yourself “spiritual but not religious,” what does that even mean? Christine Hassler, my soul sister and author of Expectation Hangover, recently wrote:

Spirituality is one’s capacity to be guided. It is not about how much we mediate. Or how often we go to church. Or how many yoga poses or Sanskrit words we know. Or how much time we spend praying. Or how many Om pieces of jewelry we have. Spirituality is really about how much we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to be guided by God.

That means…

Letting go of expectations.

Releasing attachments to the way we think things should be.

Quieting the voice of our ego so we can hear the voice of inner wisdom.

Making changes that maybe scary and facing uncertainty with faith.

Being of service to others that Spirit places in our lives in often unexpected ways.

I thought that was pretty much the best definition of “spiritual but not religious” that I had ever heard. I might add that spirituality is a commitment to walking the spiritual path from the head to the heart.

It’s a choice to free yourself from letting your ego take the lead in your life so you can surrender your ego’s attachments and instead, let your soul take the wheel.

It’s the decision to choose love over fear — to withhold judgment of yourself or others, to stop labeling everything as “right” or “wrong,” to transition from a black and white “dualistic” world to a non-dual perspective that is comfortable with paradox.

It’s the willingness to make your life an offering to the Divine in whatever form you resonate with a Higher Power, whether it’s God or some other deity or just the Divine within yourself (which I call “Your Inner Pilot Light“).

It’s your commitment to learning to receive, interpret, and discern spiritual guidance, mixed with the courage to actually act upon this guidance, even when it directs you away from what your ego wants.

(If you’re not sure how to receive this guidance, listen to this free teleclass I recorded with Rachel Naomi Remen — 10 Ways Your Soul Guides Your In Daily Life.)

When you choose to live by these principles and your prayer becomes “Make me a vessel for Divine love in the world,” you are definitely on the spiritual path, whether or not you consider yourself religious.

And when you realize that orchestrating your life around the ego’s grasping desires and attachments fails to truly fulfill you, you free yourself from the prison of the hungry ghost of the ego, which never gets fulfilled, no matter how many goals you achieve or how much money you earn or how much love or sex you attract.

Once you stop letting fear rule your life, you become free. The reward from the challenges of the spiritual path is inner peace — true lasting relief from human suffering, regardless of the chaos happening around you. And that makes it all worth it. Really.

As an added side effect, living this way is medicine not just for the soul, but for the body. As I described in Mind Over Medicine and as I dig deeper into in my upcoming book The Fear Cure, when you’re no longer living in a state of constant fear, anxiety, and stress, the nervous system rests in the relaxation response and the body naturally begins to heal.

The Spiritual Path

Making a commitment to the spiritual path is no small task, and many who consider themselves “religious” are not on the spiritual path at all (though many are). Just because someone is faithful to religious rules doesn’t mean they’re committed to freeing themselves from the prison of fear and an ego-driven life.

Sometimes, their egos are just grasping to the rules of their religion as a way to structure their egoic world view and use it as an opportunity to judge those who don’t share their world view. This isn’t meant to judge those who are committed to a particular religion. Many religious people are definitely on the spiritual path. But the two don’t always go together.

In my opinion, anyone who kills others in the name of religion or judges those who choose to have abortions or bans homosexuals from their spiritual community is not truly walking the spiritual path (no judgment, of course).

When religion becomes an excuse to practice fear, hatred, and judgment, it takes us away from what I consider true spirituality, which is the opportunity to practice radical love, compassion, forgiveness, and surrender to Divine Will, even when you’re asked to open your heart to those you find most challenging to love.

Love Without Conditions

When I wrote a controversial blog post right after Osama bin Laden was killed (you can read it on OwningPink.com here), I was trying to shine a light on the judgment that is so common in our fear and judgment-based culture.

We judge terrorists because they’re “bad people” and we dance in the streets when we kill them. But weren’t we upset with the terrorists because they were judging us for not being Muslim enough? How is countering judgment with judgment spiritual?

Yet, we cling to our judgment with a fierce righteousness we seem reluctant to release, almost as if we think our judgment protects us. Many forget that our ultimate protection lies in living lives committed to the practice of love. This doesn’t mean we condone the behavior of terrorists.

But when Osama bin Laden was killed, a human being lost his life. His family may have been grieving his loss. And it made me feel a bit sick to see us celebrating when a human life had been taken.

I can only hope that as we experience the shift in human consciousness that is underway, we will love more and judge less as we remember that we are all connected — all of us, even the Osama bin Laden’s of the world.

Releasing Judgment

I’m feeling inspired to write more about what it means to release judgment and to replace judgment with compassionate discernment. So stay tuned. I have a lot more to say about this and will share more thoughts next week. Until then, share your thoughts about your own spiritual path.

Are you religious? Spiritual but not religious? Not into spirituality at all? Are you willing to try to withhold judgment of others? Can you practice radical forgiveness while setting appropriate boundaries and using discernment to keep you and your loved ones safe?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

By Lissa Rankin, MD, Wakeup World;

– See more at: Humans are free

St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal – Part 2/2

An Hour with an Angel, November 10, 2014, with St. Germaine – Part 2/2

In Part 1, Linda discusses the current status of the Tsunami of Love and the next “can do” phase of building Nova Earth. In Part 2, St. Germaine discusses our role in the sacred partnership we’re in with the Company of Heaven.

Steve Beckow:  Well, the ninth wave, the last wave, so to speak, the really big wave is called the rogue wave — and we have as our guest on the program today, the gentleman who is often viewed by some as the chief rogue, the Scarlet Pimpernel. Other see him as the man who served kings and prime ministers and discovered new worlds, St. Germaine.

So why don’t I let you just make your transition, Linda. And with that we welcome St. Germaine.

Saint Germaine: And greetings, greetings to all of you. Yes, I am St. Germaine. Now, I would not suggest to you that I am such a rogue!

SB: [laughs] I think you are! I love your adventures.

SG: I am an adventurer. I am an explorer. And I am an alchemist, a healer, a wanderer like each of you.

So not only do I invite you to join with me as I do with each one of you to explore this entire planet, and the process of ascension, of transformation, of transmutation, of direct alignment of the planet, of the people, of the kingdoms, into what you think of as Nova Earth — what an adventure we are having. And, beloved ones, what an adventure we are having together.

For years now, I and many of what you think of as my ascended colleagues have been speaking to you, not only through this channel or various channels, not only through various books, but through your heart and through your soul, to your very core. We have been speaking, we have been asking, we have been extending the invitation in many forms and formats to enter into our sacred partnership.

Yes, the partnership of love, the partnership of creation, the partnership of what this channel has called “can do.” Because what is creation other than the picking up of all of your energies, even if they are discordant. Discordant energies can be extremely powerful. They only need to be transmuted.

So, pick up your energies and join us in this creation, or, shall we say, this restoration of Nova Earth. Often I have said to thee, my beloved family and friends, I will not return to Earth. Many of you query why, and I suggest to you, I have lived the life of a rogue, I have lived the life of exploration, I have lived, I have experienced, I have learned, I have traveled through what you would think of as the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime.

My reason, my rationale for not desiring or requesting of the Mother to return has been that I, my efficacy, my efficiency, my ability to assist all of you and Gaia is more profound from where I am at this point in time and space as you think of it. I do not want to come back and be bombarded by what many of you know to still consider recalcitrant [energies], reluctant, chaotic, mayhem, nasty war, guilt, shame, blame — these are shrinking whispers, but I have no desire to ever engage in physical form in that morass again. Ever!

Now, do I wish to engage and invite you along in the adventure of experiencing Nova Earth, Nova Being, Nova you, the fullness of the new you, the fullness of the new Linda, the new Steve, the new Graham? Absolutely.

We have sat, long ago, many different incarnations, but even if we just bring you back to the time of Atlantis, to the temple of my violet flame, and we think of how we sat and talked, and planned and dreamed, and worked and created a society of such beauty, of such kindness, of healing, of consideration, of wonder and awe, a society where we were in harmony above and below, where we were in harmony with our star brothers and sisters.

If I bring you back there, and each of you can feel this in your heart, that miraculous time, the golden time of Atlantis, where peace and creation reigned prior to the running amok of control and ego, and the growth of separation.

In that time, you and I, each of you who listens this night, for many of you traveled from afar, and some of you lived there, but each of us planned, in depth, in detail, the structure, the organization, and the spirit of what Gaia was and was to be.

And in that, the beauty and the wonder, the magnificence of who each of us would be, Atlantis was destroyed. And there is no minimizing the tragedy, the sadness of that loss. But the dream and the promises that we make one another, even as the island sank – we knew the time would come again when we would gather. When the time was right, we would gather and we would create, once again, the dream.

And the dream was not something ephemeral or wispy or pie in the sky. It was a promise made to each other, made by the Mother, made by the ascended ones way back then as well as our star family that we would return. We would not err in the same way, and that we would come together in heart consciousness, in unity and community and joy, and complete what we started so long ago.

And in that completion was not the end, but the beginning. It was the closing of a very dark period, can we say, of history, when the human belief systems and all the institutions, the structures that went along with it went awry.

Have there been points of light along the way? Of course there have been, in every civilization, whether you think of them as religious leaders, prophets, political leaders, or social leaders. There have always been these points of light.

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream.” What do you think his dream was about? It’s the same as the dream we’re discussing today. It’s a dream of equality and fairness and kindness in creating societies and a planet that is of love. It’s a return to original purpose and cause.

The invitation that Archangel Michael, Gabrielle, the Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, all of us have been extending is to come and hold our hands.

You say, “But you are not in form.” Well, there are times when some of us even do morph in and out of form. And when we say hold our hands and hold our heart as we hold yours, it does not need to be physical.

Most of what you have held dear, most of what you have held as immutable truth has certainly not been physical, and not only that — and I say this in the kindest of ways — it has been incorrect! And that is why I did not want to come back. I did not want to come back into form to have to go through this whole process of correction yet again!

Now, what an introduction! I am so verbose.

Now we are at a point — not of preparation. You have asked the channel about events. You are right there. You have actually even moved to what you can think of as a new house, (1) new dimension, new reality, but you haven’t ventured outside yet!

You aren’t realizing that the ascended masters and their star brothers and sisters came and moved you during the dark of night; it is broad daylight outside; and it is time to venture out. Come and play, come and create with us.

So, where do you wish to begin, Steve?

SB: Well, I wish to begin right there, St. Germaine, in the sense that we’ve been speaking in kind of generalities about building Nova Earth and about being in partnership with you. But how can we descend into the particularities?

And let me just give you a word picture of how it often is for me. I say I’m going to begin, but then I’m immediately confronted with the fact that there are no resources to really begin anything ambitious or seemingly ambitious with.

And, again, any steps that I take to enlist partners, that’s also going to require resources. So, how do we begin our partnership, and what do we begin that partnership with when we’re in this time of not yet having the resources to do anything really ambitious?

And I mean this particularly. I don’t mean this in a general sense or a mystical sense or a spiritual… well, spiritual sense, yes, but I think you know what I mean. I mean in terms of concrete action.

StG: Yes, you are asking for the practical suggestions. I can be quite practical, but I can also say everything is spiritual.  And you know exactly what I am referring to.

SB: Yes. Not the best choice of words perhaps. Thank you.

StG: Oh, it is all right. There are many times when I have misspoken and those words have come back to haunt me. [laughter]  So we can share this private joke, can we not?

SB: Yes, indeed, we can.

StG: So, resources are limited. Now — and I will say this is spiritual — that also is born of a belief system. Now, I’m going to leave it there because you will say, “Well, where is your [St. Germaine World] Trust, St. Germaine? Where is this revaluation? Where is that revaluation?” But let us talk about the nuts and bolts of what can be done today.

SB: That would be very welcome.

StG: Because if you think about it, in the nuts and bolts, if you are to join a company… And, by the way, you are already part of one of the most important companies in the universe, the Company of Heaven. You are not excluded from the Company of Heaven. You just forgot you were because you came on Earth and you got caught in this riptide, which is different than the Mother’s tsunami — so, you believe that there is limitation still.

Now, part of breaking — and I have done this as human man, time and time again — this practical belief in limitation is creating small. Yes, your code word right now is sustainability, even in this period of inertia, because I cannot ignore that.

Start small with what you have. When you join a company, by and large they do not say “Let me make you a captain of industry” when you have no experience or no knowledge of that particular industry.

You may feel — and it is a feeling — that you are being placed in the stockroom or stocking shelves, and really what you want to be is the manager of a string of stores. But promotion — if you can think of it in these practical terms — can be so rapid, daily, as to make your head spin.

So every single day, what can you do to create? Now, you will not be surprised to know that I eavesdrop on most of your conversations. Yes, yours, Steve, (2)  our listeners’, Linda’s, Graham’s. I listen to your team meetings. I do not share confidences, but I am always interested, and wish to be included as part of your team in this work of creation, in this work of sustainability.

What you are showing us, what you are demonstrating, even more critically and importantly, what you are demonstrating to yourself is that you know how to do it, that you are not simply waiting on the rain of gold from heaven, but that you are proceeding because you are fully aware of your own capacity to create, even if it is in what you are judging, not us, but what you are judging as the tiniest of ways.

So, at the beginning of the day — and I only say that for practicality’s sake — or at the beginning of a week, or at the beginning of a month, are you individually looking and collectively looking, as a team, as a group, as a community of global citizenry, are you looking at what can be done right now? Not later, but right now?

Now, you have been journeying, (3) and yes, although I am not in form I most certainly have been attending all of your meetings, and I look forward to going to some more of them.

SB: We were joking that you were in the back seat, St. Germaine.

StG: I was in the back seat, dear heart.

SB: We do plan further jaunts, so you are most welcome to come along.

StG: And if it is good weather, I will ride on the hood! (4)

SB: Very good.

StG: So, when you have done these meetings, you have had the double-edged sword, but you have met brilliant people, with brilliant ideas.

SB: Yes.

StG: … with an absolute can-do attitude…

SB: Yes, indeed.

StG: … that their vision, their mission, their purpose is a reflection of love, is completely of love. And what they wish to anchor into form is that expression of the new.

Now, they are not — and I’m speaking in generalities to all of you, not merely to these smaller groups, but you are stellar examples, so I am using you — you are saying, “Okay, I do not have the expanse of abundance that I am desiring, but I am putting in place and planning and doing everything I can. And I am proceeding with two things — a shoestring budget, faith, trust, imagination, creativity, support.”

You are doing all of this. At the beginning of each day, think of things that you can do that actually, in your framework of your individual mission and purpose that is inextricably linked to the larger plan.

You cannot absent yourself from the Mother’s plan, and certainly you cannot absent yourself on 11/11, or any other day, for that matter, but I certainly look forward to 12/12. (5) So, what are you doing every day?

Now, the examples are, you channel, you do a radio show, you hold people’s spirits high, you encourage them, you support them, and you teach them about their spiritual currency that translates – not maybe, not sooner or later – into what you think of as financial wherewithal.

I was not always, in every position, a wealthy man. (6) Why do you think I focused so much on becoming an alchemist? Because I needed certain things to complete my mission. And then I also learned how, how delightful it was.

Each of you has a thread, some more than others, of this ability to be the optimist. But even if you didn’t, you are mighty, powerful creators. So, every day what did you create that is of the new in your community, in your home, in your life? What did you change? What old habit that drags you down did you get rid of? (7)

This is why core issues are so front and center right now. It is they which are up for elimination, to make room for the new partnership of creation.

But there are many things each of you can do. Did you set a goal of engaging with three people eye to eye, heart to heart, smile to smile today? Especially those who are bereft and tired and despondent and have no belief system whatsoever, other than they feel that they have been forgotten. Do you know what a smile or a touch, an encouragement means to them?

These are practical things. You are putting your plans in place, and you are demonstrating. Note that I say demonstrating, not proving. We don’t need the proof. You need the practice and the knowing that you are powerful enough to demonstrate and to bring into form what you want.

That is where you are. That is the event that is happening right now. So you are inertia, preparing for the biggest push you will ever have through that portal, collectively, (8) so that the planet doesn’t implode or explode. But you are also, in that, creating support systems, financial, political.

Many of you look at the political situation and say, “Well, it just got worse.” It gets worse so that people can see how despicable it is.

SB: You just said that we’re in that portal waiting for the big push. Can you explain what you mean by that? Because many of our listeners won’t know exactly what you are referring to. What are you referring to, St. Germaine?

StG: Archangel Michael has shared with you that you are at the doorway [of Ascension]. Many of you [go] back and forth, back and forth — you must be bored by now — at the doorway of Ascension. You, collectively, as an evolved spiritual group of masters have said, “We will not do this until the collective is ready.”

Are there some recalcitrants that will be picked up by the pillars? Yes. But you are ready. You are ready. And part of what we are suggesting to you, what we are guiding and sharing with you, is you are ready for that final birthing push of Nova Earth.

So what you are doing in your demonstrations is what you think of as little ways. But billions of people doing what you think of as little things create such a force that it changes the entire planet. You are ready as a collective to go through this Ascension portal, to create Nova Earth.

SB: Now, when you say “create Nova Earth,” you’re referring to an ascended Nova Earth, are you not?

StG: Gaia herself has no interest in anything but the ascended Earth.  So yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. One of the reasons that things haven’t gone as fast as they might have — and I’m saying this for the benefit of the listeners — is that, as St. Germaine has said, we’re working on Ascension from the point of view of having as many pass through the portal as possible, so this is taking longer than it might have otherwise.

Can we turn to the matter of timing and frequency, St. Germaine, please? I’m not sure that a lot of us, or all of us here understand that the events that we’re all looking forward to have not as much to do with timing, or very little to do with timing, perhaps, and more to do with frequency. And I don’t think we understand the mechanics of all of that.

Can you help us understand what it means to say that the events depend on frequency and how the Company of Heaven are working with frequency, please?

StG: Frequency is the explanation of how you can look at your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional … what level you are at in terms of the purity, the clarity, the love quotient, the grace quotient of your being. That is the very reason why the Mother has been giving you and continues to give you these gifts.

Now, how does that relate to time? And there is a difficulty in translation, but I will do my best having lived in this continuum that you think of as time. But also know — and I do not want to confuse the matter, but this is a complex subject and you are coming to understand the complexities.

We don’t want to keep you in the dark, so we will speak to you as equals. Sanat Kumara has shared with you that as a human collective you are also beginning to move in and out of what you think of as sequential time. That means you are jumping and shifting time and time-frames.

But the key to ascension is not timing; it is not 12:02 on the 3rd of March — and we understand the human fascination with time, because that is how you measure so much – but it is about the frequency. Is your frequency clear enough, high enough, that when you pass through what you can think of as an Ascension portal, as an energy field, your frequency matches? Or is it too inharmonious, disharmonious, that in fact it hurts you; it harms you; it electrifies you; it can’t be done?

Now, that is one of the reasons why we have encouraged you and begun to speak to you about being inter-dimensional beings, and encouraging you to bring in [your other selves?] and go exploring, even if it is through meditation or visualization.

You think that that isn’t real, and it is probably more tangible and more real, as you define it, than the current reality you live in. So we encourage you to get used to changing and exploring increases in frequency.

Now, you have been downloaded continually. If there were one explanation of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, aside from the cleansing aspect, it was really the water. Think of it as hydroelectric power increasing your frequency, raising you up to a vibration and a frequency where you could transcend the field, and in that transcendence, you have to go somewhere.

You are going to the higher octave, the higher dimensions, the higher vibration, where the bulk of your consciousness is anchored within the heart and the heart knowing, the essence of love rather than what we have thought of as the ego-based experience of separation.

So it is like doing a fast or a cleanse where you are getting rid of the debris and you feel lighter and clearer and more harmonious and more creative after the sludge is cleared out — and I know; I have done many cleanses. That is what the rise in frequency is.

So the frequency not only is the individual… because I hear so many of you saying, “I am doing my meditation; I am doing my work; I am doing my prayer; I am sending energy; I am throwing the violet flame everywhere. Why have I not gotten through?” Well, usually you haven’t gotten through — and you usually have gotten through, by the way, as an aside — you haven’t gotten through because you are staying, raising the collective frequency.

If you leave, then the frequency of those left behind actually is at a lower vibration, not the higher vibration that you add to the collective jar.

So it has to be at a frequency, at a level where there is not this heaviness, this belief of separation, where you are continually — it doesn’t have to be a hundred percent, but pretty much continually — in the knowing and the living and the actions of love.

You say, “But this is so hard, St. Germaine. How in heaven or Earth are we going to do this?” And what I am saying to you, why I have asked to come before you and discuss this entire issue of Nova Earth and Nova Being is that most of you are doing it. Most of you are already there.

So I am asking, I’m pleading, remember the dream, remember the agreement, that we will bring this beautiful planet, and ourselves, in union, with the very clear presence of the masters and the many angelic realms, of every stripe and color, and all the star beings, back to this place of unity.

My brother and sisters, do you think I don’t know that this is what your heart most deeply yearns for? And in this life, in this part of the unfoldment of the plan, this is not done by removing yourself into a place of silence or retreat. It is not about going into the cave for your daily meditation and prayer.

It is about moving into society and community. It is about engaging with each other and doing the little creations, and in so doing knowing, “Oh! I can create! I did it yesterday, and I’m doing it today. It may not be the huge creation that I am aiming for, but I am part of billions of people creating this change. I am part of this global community.”

So, let us be practical. Let us talk about, for example, this subscription idea.

So perhaps it is a matter of someone saying, “I today will give a dime, I will give a dime to something that I support, because I believe tomorrow I will have that dime or dollar or ten dollar bill replenished. I believe I can create a dime or a dollar or ten dollars. I know I may be waiting on the big push, but I know today what I am capable of, and in knowing I am capable, I am doing it. I choose to do it.”

That is practical. That is real. That is tangible. That contributes to the growth of the whole.

SB: And I so agree with you, St. Germaine. I’d like to take everything that we’ve been talking about on the show and focus it on a concrete issue so that you can bring in the various strands that you’ve been talking about and show how lightworkers can actually be at work on something concrete.

The California drought. And I apologize to listeners in India and France and Australia that I’m talking about American events, but we’ve been down to California. We’ve actually seen that, and so I have to focus on something that I actually know and have seen. As an example of lightworkers having something to address, to work on, to do something about, the California drought is right there before us, and Kathleen is spearheading efforts to meditate, to address the California drought.

Can you talk to us about how this can be an example of lightworkers getting to work to build Nova Earth, please?

StG: It is a very powerful example, and it is a very practical example.

California needs rain. It needs moisture. It needs to have the water to sustain itself, the very Earth, the trees, the plants, so it is a practical thing.

Now, you do not need to apologize to your comrades all over the Earth because as you do for California you are doing for everywhere else that is drought-ridden. That is how it works: if you do it for one, you do it for all. So take that into account. You are focusing on the person receiving the healing on the bed. On the altar, as it were, is California, but it is for all drought-ridden places.

SB: That’s very good to know.

StG: The drought is lack and limitation.

California is a golden place. It is a city of light and it is one of the most creative places on the planet. If I were to incarnate this day, I think I would go and live in California.

Let me be practical now. You are learning and you are applying how you can, through your very thoughts. The belief in your thoughts creates energy, because thought and love are sheer energy. It is creation of a new belief system. You are a powerful creator, and you, in the embrace of the elements, Earth, wind, fire, water, you are embracing the elements in community, and you are talking to the element of water all over the planet.

And as human beings, in partnership with the elements, you are saying, “Will you come with me, and will you rain in perfect harmony and proportion in California?” You are learning to work with Gaia and the elements themselves. You are learning that you are part of a citizenry that is not isolated but that is breaking through these old barriers.

So every day you are talking to every molecule of water and saying, “Will you come with me and rain, and create a lush California yet again? And will you share this bounty all over Gaia in perfect balance and harmony?” When you do this, you are going to see proof positive of how powerful you are, not just in bringing forward a dollar here or a dollar there, but creating the beauty of harmony in partnership, not just with us, but with Gaia herself and with your community around the globe.

Now, that is doing what you are capable of.

SB: You’ve talked about sacred partnership with the Company of Heaven, and you’ve just talked about our meditation event. But is this not an illustration of that partnership? The galactics, for instance, are infusing plants with chlorophyll and moisture and keeping them alive even in the midst of this drought. Is that not an example of what the Company of Heaven is doing from its side? And then you’ve talked about what we might do from our side. Is that correct?

StG: Well, do not forget, you are part of the Company of Heaven. The division of this Company that you think of as the galactics and the inter-galactics have been holding the chlorophyll and a modicum of moisture to keep the plants alive while the human beings, in harmony with the elementals, learn this lesson: they are working to preserve and sustain Gaia.

Many of us, led by Archangel Raphael, who is the essence of the green emerald ray in itself, are also working with the trees, with the plants, with the waters, even with the fire, with the humans, to sustain Gaia through these droughts so that Gaia herself, the plants, the kingdoms, do not have to die.

So we are patiently holding the space, holding the life force, the frequency that can sustain life while this [correction of belief systems] is taking place. We are doing our job, and we are asking your cooperation in doing yours.

SB: So this is a very good example of the cooperation that you mean by sacred partnership, I’d imagine.

I have one last question and that’s that it was very startling for Kathleen and I to meet people in the West Coast Express gatherings so many of whom were polymaths, so many of whom could enter so many disciplines and feel comfortable and talk on so many subjects, and at the same time also to meet I think about five lightworkers who I would say have mastered universal love as far as human being in the body can master it. So, could you speak to that? Was that just a freak or an accident or are lightworkers…

StG: It is not a freak. It is you being given evidence that you are masters. Look in the mirror of who you are meeting and accept the wonder of who you are. I say this as the wonder man of Europe. (9)

SB: Yes, indeed.

StG: Accept the wonder of who you are.

SB: All right. Well, thank you very much for that. Again, another hour would not be enough time to enjoy all that you have to say, St. Germaine. Thank you for coming today.

StG: Oh, go with my delight and blessings. Farewell.

SB: Thank you. Farewell.


(1) Is St. Germaine hinting that the Earth has moved to its new place in the galaxy?

(2) Eeek! I’d better smarten up!

(3) On the West Coast Express.

(4) Archangel Michael said he has staked out the roof.

(5) What have they planned for 12/12?

(6) In his incarnation as Sir Francis Bacon, St. Gerrmaine left his treasure box open for all the family and servants to share in – and ended up penniless.

(7) This whole discussion is incredibly … well, germane to what we’ve been discussing lately about lightwork.

(8) The first stage of Ascension.

(9) St. Germaine was known as the wonder man of Europe. Everyone in certain circles of society had a story of running into him. He walked through walls, manifested diamonds, was never seen to eat at a party, lived for perhaps a century without ageing, etc., etc.

St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal – Part 1/2

An Hour with an Angel, November 10, 2014, with St. Germaine, Part 1/2

In Part 1, Linda discusses the current status of the Tsunami of Love and the next “can do” phase of building Nova Earth. In Part 2, St. Germaine discusses our role in the sacred partnership we’re in with the Company of Heaven.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and The New You. Also joining us is Steve Beckow, author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.  Our guest today is St. Germaine.

So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And just before we turn to St. Germaine, Linda, how are the 11/11 energies affecting you, since we’re pre-recording on 11/11?

Linda Dillon: That’s right. And the 11/11 energies, as you know, were originally an opening of a huge portal 11/11 1992.

And one of the things I think that people don’t always understand is that when that portal opened, it wasn’t an open and shut case. Those energies have continued to grow and morph and expand.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling the 11/11 energies since the wee hours of the morning, and they are powerful! But what I’m sensing is almost like electrical spikes, like power spikes. And I know that our being, our bodies, as we’re holding more energies, higher frequencies, are becoming more electrical. So I think today, today is another one of those upgrades.

How are you both feeling?

SB: Well,  the thing that I’m noticing most, Linda, is just that I feel myself expanding in love. I kind of am becoming like a pudding that’s been stirred and stirred and stirred. I’m just thick with love. So, that’s my dominant impression. Graham?

GD: Thick with love! [laughter]

SB: Thick with love! Well, thick with love, too! (1)

GD: You’re bathing in it, hunh?

Hey, you know, that’s all right. That’s probably something that we can all hope and desire to take on. And I would echo that.

I’m still feeling the human emotions and just staying in that observer/witnessing role, so that when things do come up and I maybe feel a little off or discordant — I was feeling that yesterday — I just sit with it and be gentle and have patience with it. I source what’s coming up and then release it, so I can get back to that state of my divine self, which is love and joy.

And today I’m feeling that for sure. I feel centered and balanced. And, you know, maybe it has something to do with the 11/11 energies; maybe it’s just part of the ride generally, but it seems that I’m stepping into this more and more and more, and I’ll take it.

SB: Very good.

LD: It’s where we need to live. And there is a huge portion of choosing to live in the love rather than being distracted.

And I know those distractions can be very strong and appear very real, but when we change our hearts and our minds and our belief systems and say, no, that’s not real. I’m going to go back and I’m going to stay in the love, we feel our wholeness, our divinity. We feel happier.

Another theme I’m really noticing is the invitation – it’ll be interesting to see today if St. Germaine talks about it – but they’re really asking us to embrace, right down to our toes, as Nova beings creating nova Earth, this can-do attitude.

Now, as I was meditating, I was thinking, we’re going to have to adopt that Nike slogan, Just do it! It’s that “can do” feeling rather than “I can’t.” Or “We can’t.”

GD: What you’re speaking to Linda is such an empowering statement, and the invitation is there and the opportunity is there. We can choose that.

We can choose the quality of our day-to-day experience, honoring the humanness that comes up, those human attributes, feelings, thoughts, emotions, but overall I’m definitely practicing that. And so I know it works and I feel really encouraged by that. We can choose it.

LD: We can choose it and we invite everybody who tunes in, whether it’s to InLight Radio or the Golden Age of Gaia or the Council of Love or anywhere, to just… to choose that “can do” attitude and to translate that to being the love. So, like Steve, we can all be thick in the love.

SB: That’s right. I may also mention that there’s a series of articles going up on the Golden Age of Gaia right now on how to work as lightworkers on the building of Nova Earth in groups. So that’s there as well.

Linda, if I’m correct, we’ve passed through the Tsunami of Love. We’re maybe in the pause. Maybe we’re coming out — I don’t know. But we’re also in the 11/11 gateway. Can you just talk for a minute about the progression of spiritual events that’s happening? Tsunami of love, pause, gateway?

LD: We’re not through the entire Tsunami of Love.

SB: Okay.

LD: I think there’s still another huge wave coming.

SB: All right.

LD: We feel that we’re through it. Many of us feel that we’re through it because we’re in that delicious soup and that warm water, and we’re just floating on our backs or riding the surfboard.

But when I’m talking to the universal Mother Mary (or the Divine Mother), when I look — I get a lot of visuals — I see this massive wave still coming at us from offshore.

She [the Divine Mother] is not going to quit! And we are going to continue – I was going to say to get pummeled, but that’s the wrong word! – embraced and washed clean and refilled and restored until every single human being has got it.

And so, everybody, whether they know it or not, has been washed and embraced and changed by the Tsunami of Love. And you had that wonderful article on the blog about the measurement of how things are just spiking with this phenomenal gift o the love energy, (2) but to say we’re through it? I think we’ll be through it when we’re all collectively washed through, together, through the ascension portal.

(Continued in Part 2/2.)


(1) I’m love-thick for Kathleen. Graham is “funning” me.

(2) “Udo Pelkowski : Life-Force Energy Increasing Dramatically“, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/11/06/udo-pelkowski-life-force-energy-increasing-dramatically/ as well as “Devapriya: Skyrocketing Life-Force Energy” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/11/14/devapriya-skyrocketing-life-force-energy/.

Aster via Andrea Scully: The Shift is Here Now!

Passionate heart

Aster: The Shift is Here Now!, channeled by Andrea Scully, November 8, 2014

Dear Aster, who is also my ‘selves’, I’ve finally come out of the passage of perpetual releasing it seems. Instead of this, there feels to me to be a shift of epic proportions into activity creating the new. This isn’t only my experience either, but one I’m seeing and hearing from so many others at this time.

Aster: The releasing of the old has been a necessary prelude to this creative phase. Until this releasing came to a certain collective place, the shift of energetic interplay and the co-creation of the energies of the collective was not yet ready to go forward.

The time to go forward has arrived and it’s in direct relation to the ‘space’ created by releasing the energies and attachments to what has been made obsolete. A new level has been reached and from this plateau there will be an explosion, a proliferation, a dynamic and expansively wild movement of Divinity-in-Action.

Rejoice, for the time to move is here now. All that’s required is the Heart to do so.

What we mean by Heart is specific in this instance. We mean specifically that the heart/core/Love/soul/passion of the Being must be engaged in order for any forward motion to happen. Remove this from the equation and nothing will move, or it will snap back or even backtrack on itself.

Get ready to see and hear of this all over the world, for this is a feature of the uptick in Universal energies and their action on the Realities in this time and place. The Holy Spirit is at work here, and there’s no thing and no one who may side step or escape this from now on.

Nor will there be a delay of years or of even months for this to occur, as has so often been the case in the past. Though in order to perceive this one must often take the broadest perspective possible. Regardless of whether one is perceptive enough to know this first hand, or is just in faith of the Divine Plan and its inevitability, it is so and it is here and now!

Blessed are those who have chosen to partake in this Holy Hour! By this hour, we mean the Now moment, and not only one of them. We mean the now, now, now, now, of each tick of the clock from here forward, to describe what is being experienced in a linear way.

This shift is huge. It encompasses all of the planet, and is a feature of the consciousness within the planetary body of Gaia. As physical bodies upon Her, all beings on Her are also shifting.

Those who aren’t shifting are leaving at this time for other realms, so we would advise that no matter what may appear concerning anyone who is or isn’t shifting to match the Being of Gaia at this time, this is the crux of the matter.

Yes, there seem to be many leaving this past year, and yet, my focus has been on those positioning for the new paradigm shift. 

Aster: No longer is the time to wait happening! The time of the beginning of manifestation is here. Now!

We know you feel and know this and are working diligently to express your deepest and most dear passions and projects. Know that this is so for many others as well, though your view may not be broad enough to see and hear of it yet.

Simultaneously, and by the merit of what we shared already, there’s the crumbling of all that isn’t ready to shift into heart/soul-centered alignment with Gaia and Her planetary body. The vital life energies will not support them and their viability will fade extremely quickly now.crumbling structure 2

There’s nothing anyone need do to demolish, or fight against or resist, but only to stand aside from what is already disintegrating and avoid the falling of the structures. Their foundations will not continue to support them.

Is this a personal message just for me, or are you saying this is true of all beings at this time? That there’s a need to step aside and just allow the crumbling and the fall of obsolete structures?

Aster: We will say that there are those who will be eager to topple what is crumbling from beneath anyway. We will say these are interested on a certain level in basking in glory of it all. This is fine and we have no judgments, let any who feel this need express it as they wish to.

But, from our view, this would be less than correct and true. The truth is much deeper and far greater than any of this surface business could be accounted for by human activity, no matter how heroic or how devoted.

Blessings to those who care, and to those who have contributed to the awakening of the awareness of all Beings. We do not wish to belittle them nor do we wish to discourage them. We only wish to share a broader view which is in a closer alignment with the truth as we see it.

I think I understand what you’re saying here. What you’re saying is that while there are many beings getting busy with various activities striving to move into a new paradigm planet-wide, the truer truth from a broader perspective is that the shift is actually made possible by Gaia shifting Herself and Her body.

Aster: Yes! Indeed, this is what we’re pointing out and we’d also like to encourage all to embrace the shift and the changes. No more waiting, beloveds. No more hiding the Light in order to protect oneself either. Those who would be looking to harm are now too busy simply trying to keep from flying apart at their own seams!

This is some very powerful information this time. I have to admit I feel like the stops have been pulled out, or that the boulder is at the top of the hill now ready to roll down, instead of the past feeilng of pushing it uphill.

Aster: Indeed. We would agree that this is so. Take advantage of this time of creating, only allow for it to unfold its magic instead of trying to force it. Take time to consider new beginnings carefully. Find patience, though the feeling is very strong to push.

As in a birth, the crown is showing now. Allow nature to take its course and it will. There’s no need to hurry, and pushing isn’t the best thing at this time. What is birthed now will also need time to develop, but this time will pass very quickly.

We also feel and share the excitement and the inspiration for what is occurring. From our view, all that is required to make for paradise on Earth has already come to pass. We know it is so, because we come from this place to attend you now.

Wow! That last statement is a whole other conversation in and of itself!

Aster: Yes, it is, and yet we leave you for now with that hint and with all our love, as well as our gratitude for all you are and all your caring. Without this, we would not be, and would not be here.

You leave me with some interesting new puzzle pieces tonight. Until our next meeting, I thank you for attending me and for your perspective. Go with love.

Aster: We’re here always. With love, we support you.

 To view this at the original source, click here: Notes From the Center of the Spiral.