Ashtar: “Move Up and Out of FEAR!

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – October 28, 2014

Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are so joyful!  The end of your, shall we say, travails, challenges, discomforts and discouragements is so close.  We, of course, can literally see it on your timelines and in that part of you which is with us in the Higher Realms.  So, understand that while we still give no dates – for reasons that we have learned along with you –  they are NOT advantagous at all to the progress that we are making.  We still can say that this will be a most sacred and Joy-full season of Holy Days!  Think about giving thanks and know that, that which you have participated in planning, that which we call The Golden Age, is so close!!!

And we can tell you one more thing, and that is that in the past, we have allowed a great number of interferences – some perhaps not so visible and some of the most heinous nature.  We are referring most especially to 9-11, and all of the events that have followed after that, which have delayed.

Those who were to move aside have not all keep their promises, because they are afraid.  They are afraid of losing their power and they are afraid of giving up their wealth and their positions.  And this has been a recurring story upon Planet Earth, has it not?  Planet of free expression, only Freedom as defined by, shall we say, the one percent of the dark hats.  The wearers of the dark hats have always been defined as their Freedom to take from you – never mind your Freedom!

We are saying this only because this drama is coming to an end. And no matter where you are feeling the repressions, they are ALL going to end!   So when you start visualizing this Golden Age, and you visualize your place in the Golden Age, what are you going to do?  Well, you can sit and relax and enjoy it because you’re certainly entitled to do all of that.  You’re All Divine! The Divine right of kings, you know, was all made up by the kings to justify the different things that they did to stay in power.  And so it has been for a great number of years, thousands of years, and that is over!

Now, you heard about co-operation and the key to co-operation is getting out of fear.  When you are afraid that somebody is going to take something away from you, you want to hang on to it.That is the human response.  But the higher response is simply to say, ‘There’s plenty for all and I am happy to share.’  It requires a grand shifting of attitude, does it not?  But that’s where you are.

Now you may not feel that every time somebody asks you to give them something, or every time you see somebody walking up to your door whom you don’t know, and it looks as though they might want to have a meal, or whatever it is, but we are happy to tell you that, in reading the consciousness of Planet Earth, we are happy to tell you that the sharing, the giving, the willingness to step up to be the keeper of your brothers and your sisters has increased to the point where it is literally calling forth this whole Golden Age!!!

Now you know, because you are familiar with, and we have told you many times that, of course, there will be abundance in all things for everyone – monetary, yes, but more importantly the Freedom to be without fear.  Now you have heard the definition of F.E.A.R. many times – False Evidence Appearing Real. Well, that’s the whole story of the third dimension, is it not?  You are, after all, just emerging, lifting yourselves up, coming up into a whole new Freedom.  And that is Freedom from where you’ve been! You’ve been locked in.

You still have your 3-D bodies but I’ve got to tell you, they are changing!! And some of you are experiencing, shall we say, warp speed changes. 

We’ve had a little chat with the Voice before we came into this room, and a part of what she is experiencing is simply that – because she wants to go fast.

“It is for each of you to set your own pace.  It is for each of you to call forth whatever it is that you choose to call forth.  And if you have some clearing to do, well, it is for you to go at your own pace.  Some want to go fast and do it all at once.  This can provide some overloads at times, but so long as you stay focused upon your Divinity, and as long as you know that all is well in your Kingdom, then bring it on if you choose to.  And others of you want to say, ‘Wait a minute!  Things are moving too fast.  I choose to slow down a bit.’  And so it shall be.  You’re in charge!

Now, it’s a good idea to get together with your Higher Self and talk about these things with your Higher Self and your whole team of guides, because it may be that you have ordained something on the higher levels that is being given to you now, something that you called for at some time, most often in this lifetime or just prior to entering into the bodies you now occupy.

So it is always wise to sit in counsel.  You have a grand group of advisors, guides, angels – and you can invite anyone that you choose.  That is your Divine Birthright!  You see, the illusion that somehow you’re separated – you’re down here and we’re up there and all of that stuff – that’s an illusion of the third dimension.

So what do you do?  You say, ‘I choose to fly into Higher Dimensions.  I choose to rise above the tar pits that my dear brother Kryon used to talk about, and still does.  I choose to soar! I choose to unite with the totality of the Divine Being I Am!  I AM! And if you really want to move into that space, into that Divine Place, you can even say, ‘I require!!’  What does that mean, anyway?  It means, ‘I want it,’ but it puts it into a higher level.  A Requirement is much more powerful than a ‘want,’ is it not?

If you can remember to lose some words from your vocabulary, this is a good help, too. ‘I need…’  Oh, that’s got a little taint of fear attached to it, so we suggest that you might want to get rid of ‘I need,’ and even ‘I want,’ ‘I desire.’

Come from the Office of the Christ, say ‘I require,’ and then state whatever it is.  It’s very simple. That is power and that is telling your Higher Self that you’re moving up and you are, shall we say, operating from a level of belief!  When you get out of fear, you get up to a level of belief!  And what are you believing, anyway?  Well, in the Divinity of your own Self with all the rights and privileges that come with it!!!

So, we are wanting you to look at it from this perspective.  That is, we are advising you.  Now you see, ‘We are wanting you!’ Now, doesn’t that sound a little bit 3-D-ish?  So let’s just say, We invite you’ because we’re not in charge of you and what you do. We do not have ‘dominion’ over you.  We Are One with you, but WE DO NOT RULE in any sense of the word.  We have to have your permission, you know, to do the things that we’re doing and to do everything that is not quite visible in 3-D, but it’s all out here, believe me!  It’s all highly visible where I sit in the captain’s chair.  It’s all highly visible to your Higher Selves, to your Divine Beings.  And it’s a matter of how fast you want to go, how fast you want to call it forth.  How, shall we say, how much time – which is no time, except in 3-D – do you want to spend up and out of 3-D?

Now, make no mistake.  This is not a judgment about 3-D!  You have all done a marvelous job! You’ve all been here many times. And you’ve accomplished pretty much everything you came here to do, except to complete your Ascensions.  And along the way you’ve still got a little bit to address with your clearings.  But you all know that and you know what to do.

We are congratulating you for having the dedication in your Hearts to come and be here at this momentous time because when most of you came in, except for the very youngest ones, there was no guarantee that you were going to make it this time. Had the dark hats had their way, you would have blown up, or been blown up, we should say, in what you call the‘nuclear holocaust.’  And they’d be sitting up on the Moon or Mars waiting for the whatever to clear, so that they could come back and have it all.  But you said, ‘No! Not this time! We’re going to make it. We’ve tried it several times and we’ve always managed to not make it. This time we’re going to make it!!!’

You sure got our attention with that!  And now we have trillions of ships just waiting!  We are so excited!  We are already with you by coming through to meet you and by you coming up to The Bridge of The New Jerusalem to meet with us.  But we shall be landing on Planet Earth in the very near future!!!

Truth be known, we have landed in some places in small shuttles.  Now, we’re not talking about Roswell and any of that. We’re talking about right now.  There are some of your leaders who have already been here with their bodies!  Of course, we have to make special accommodations for them, but they have been here long enough to understand that THIS IS IT!

So, even though there are those who are still trying to do the best they can to stop your progress – and what are they doing to stop it?  They’re using F-E-A-R!  We shall repeat – we have disabled all nuclear weapons!  We are disabling many – what do you call them – biological warfare weapons.  Ebola is moving into the place where it belongs, which is off the front pages.  No matter what they try to do, it’s an F-E-A-R – well it was created by 3-D beings for 3-D.

But you are more than 3-D beings, aren’t you?  And you’re starting to really get the feel of what it means to be totally together, within your energy fields, to be totally in communion with the totality of your beautiful, divine selves and by extension, literally, the totality of all living beings!  It’s really quite a large universe and to be in touch, in connection, and most of all in what we call communion – now that is a state of being which is to be fostered and treasured and enjoyed!!!

So we suggest once again that you not focus very much on what you see in the mainstream media, although we will tell you this. There are pieces of what you call the good news sneaking in here and there, more and more.  These reporters* who come on this program are privy to a lot of things that haven’t made it to the front pages yet, but is headed there.  And as soon as we get the NESARA Announcement made public, then you will be invited to tune in to a lot of catching up and a lot of Truth, most of which you are already in knowing of.And you know it all anyway in your own personal private libraries – just connect in!  You can call it the Akashic Records if you wish, but you can connect in and tune in to that, if you choose to do so.

It really isn’t necessary for you to spend long hours researching or asking a lot of questions because we’ve already answered the main question.  How do you get into your full Ascension status?How do you get onto the Ascension Path that leads to that status?You bring yourselves up into Joy, up and out of 3-D!

Remember – Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and remember to honor the Divine in all life including yourselves, Beloved Ones!  You see, that has been the greatest separation empowerment 3-D has had to offer.  The fuel is FEAR but the concept is that everybody is separate from everybody else!  And that’s where all the fear-based emotions, thoughts, and actions and words have come from.

So if you will remember Love, if you will remember that separation is simply a 3-D illusion that was created by those who wanted to control you and that the Truth of it is We Are All One, then, Beloved Ones, you will be knowing what we already see, which is that you are well on your way!

So stay tuned!  Get High in the atmosphere of Love.  Stay true to yourselves and stay true to your own Hearts.  Get with your guidance team and savor your Divinities.  You are as much as I, Ashtar, or any, any, any one, the perfect Children of Mother/Father God, Creator of all!  And what does that mean? It means you were made in the exact image of The Creator. And what does that mean?  It means that you are made from the energy of LOVE.  When you allow fear in, it lowers your vibrations, does it not? It’s a downer!

So get High with Love.  And then simply stay there!  And if you feel your vibrations dropping a bit, give yourself a little mantra, a little reminder.  Remind your Higher Self to give you a little nudge, or your guides, your angels – anyone you choose.  Set something up for yourselves as a reminder to move up, by focusing upon the Love You Are.  And then radiate that out to focus upon the Oneness in all life.  Fear cannot exist there. Fear, when the Light of Love shines upon it, is transmuted and becomes only Love.

And that, Beloved Ones, is the Golden Age in expression.  That is the primary feeling of the Golden Age.  That is, Love is the opposite of fear and fear will not be in existence.  Now there will be some transition time, of course, periods of time.  You will still have time as a tool, but it, just like your bodies are changing, time is collapsing and it, too, will disappear from your paths, from your lifestyles, as you move up into the Higher Dimensions.

So we’ve covered a lot!  We’ve given you a lot of ideas. Go within, Beloved Ones. Check in with yourselves.  Feel the Truth of all of this and know how much we Love you and honor you. Without your requiring that Planet Earth be successful in its Ascension this time around, it would not be occurring.  So we kneel at your feet to honor the Divine in you.  And we hold out our arms to you to give you hugs of Love!  And we are Joy-full and thankful that you are in Oneness with us.  And so it is!  Salut!”

*Tara and Rama reports–out-of-fear.html
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, October 28, 2014.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2014. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2014.  All rights reserved.

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