WE Are the Living Christ. (And I thank You for Being That!!)

The Shift of Time and Energy!


As all of you know, yesterday was that dreaded day in my world for the marrow extraction to see why my white blood cells have been producing themselves on the high to very high side for the last two years, from the very start of my melanoma cancer journey Nov. 2012.  I want to make very clear here too, the dread was for the procedure itself not whatever the outcome may have been.  I am the biggest baby when it comes to any potential of pain.

For the last week, I have been connecting with my bone marrow itself, looking at it, looking for any defects that would cause adverse health in my physical body.  I could see its amped up production of cells, but nothing that would be deemed mutated and the consciousness that is my body plainly stated, this is how change happens.  Good enough for me.


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