Be In The World, Not Of It.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

light house

I fully understand now why spirit has kept my ability to peek at you, sketchy at best.  Holy flipping headache batman.  With each reading yesterday, my head was cracking open more and more and I tapped out with my 5th connection, the incoming light was so intense my skull bones hurt even.  How exciting is that!!  lol  Well, it became exciting after the ibuprofen started working.

Once again everyone showed up in my kitchen, but now, as I control my complaining (smile) I really do understand their message with this.  For eons, we have been coming together, in understanding and ability in the expanded field of light, the land of potential equal to meditation adventures.  But now, it is very different, that expanded field of light lives within your Biology, within your created field of life.

My first lady on my dance card showed up, I bent myself in half…

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