Wisdom With Wes: Stay Strong

Karma Yoga Daily

Snapshot_20140731_2As easy as it can be to let the pain and stress associated with being on earth bring us down, we’ll benefit far more from opening up and releasing our pain to Source and the higher realms, where it’ll be instantly transmuted.

We’re here to contribute to the restoration of consciousness in inexplicably pure and potent ways, but we can’t do this if we’re constantly dragged down by the difficulty we experience.

It helps to keep in mind that we knew this mission would be difficult when we planned it from the higher realms, and even though we didn’t know just how much we’d be challenged, we knew adversity would be involved.

Instead of letting any challenges bring us under, we can empower ourselves and excel at them more than we would’ve ever thought or expected. Like most other things, it simply takes a choice to be strong instead of crumbling under the weight of the pressure.

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