Dream 27 September 2014: Eclipse

Source Picture: wordlesstech.com

Source Picture:

There was a sun/moon eclipse going on, but this eclipse was strange. I see the moon go in front of the sun, but then the moon was transparent together with the sun. But I saw the moon making circles around the sun. There are a lot of people around me looking at the same eclipse, but it seems they didn’t see anything strange.

The dream changes and Sangoma Mamelodi was coming towards me and takes me outside of my apartment onto the balustrade and we hang over the railing and touch the concrete below. I suddenly get a vision of colourful racing cars, making a lot of starting noise.

The lady Sangoma and I go back in and she talks/looks into the crystal. She tells me that I am not an apprentice anymore, but not a master yet. I am now becoming a journey woman. We are watching the sun eclipse again and now I see a normal one, when it passes I see the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, with lots of oranges, yellow and reds. Behind me I see in a corner a beautiful tree without leaves, and again a beautiful sunset.


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