Dream 25 September 2014: beyond spirit


The skull appears in the night sky, on the right you see the trails of the man’s soul passing by. Copyright Liesbeth Swenne

My friend and I are in sort of a theme park and we had to deliver our tax papers to a counter that was standing in the middle of a square.  There was a man and a woman behind it and we gave them our tax papers. The lady looks at my tax papers and told me that it wasn’t filled in correct. She tries to explain to me how to fill it in properly, but I still don’t understand it.

After that we assemble with other groups as there is a competition going on in the park. My friend and I are a team and we are getting a map to navigate through the park. We have to follow a certain pattern that will lead us to whatever it is hidden.

We are now in a building that half looks like a hospital/warehouse and in a corner there is a room half way open with green hospital curtains half open. We see a men lying in the hospital bed, surrounded by a lot of people, he is dying. The lights are flicker and tell my friend strange things are going to happen here. I think a doctor takes the tube out of this man’s throat and I see the men taking has last breath.

As I turn around something is happening to me. I find myself outside, walking along a black short man and a white woman with red hair (this reminds me of myself when I was a bit younger, I had red hair and my husband is black and shorter then me). I look up and see stars in the night sky; it was a bit clouded though. And suddenly I see the man’s soul passing over; it looked like a white chemtrail but with a huge speed passing me by, flying between the clouds, up to the stars. The soul trail was intertwined with stars and gave it a beautiful sight.

I was the only seeing this amazing happening. As I looked down this hill shaped landscape, towards the evening sky, when suddenly a huge transparent skull appears with an unfriendly look. I told the men and the woman that I was walking with, what I saw. Because they are both publishers, the want to publish my story. I had to make a drawing for the cover, so I made the landscape with the skull I saw. But they didn’t like it much and they asked me if I couldn’t make a drawing of the soul I saw passing over me.

I was in a kind of amusement centre and there was a party going on. The reason of me being there was that I had to check it out if the room where the party was in, was good. We crash the party and find myself sitting on a long a chair, and both sides there were other people sitting on chairs. I was sitting between old people and in front of us where other people standing. They appeared to be giants and they were staring at us intensely.

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