Dream 24 September 2014: Magical growing plants and trees

purple flower

I am chased by the FBI for a crime they think I did. But this is all made up by them to have valid reason to arrest me and put me away for life without anyone questioning what is happening to me. The reason they are after me is because I have a gift they want to exploit. One of my gifts are camouflage, so I successful changed my features so that I could board the plane. I am flying to Germany, but I will land first in Fort Lauderdale. The reason why I going there, is to get an honest trial.

The next dreams, I can’t remember the order of them, so I just write them down as I think it went. I find some kids feeling very hot, having a fever so I decided to put them in the freezer half way. But I see they are getting to cold now, so quickly I get them out and wrap them in very warm blankets.

Now I am in a competition to find as much purple flowers as we can. I had a feeling that we have to use these purple flowers for something important, like healing. We are running towards a man that should give us water for the flowers. Some of the people in front of me have buckets and want them filled. Now I suddenly I got the urge to get some more purple flowers, I felt like it was more important to have more of them.

I ran into a nursery and I look for specific purple flowers and see in a corner, just 1 purple flower in the earth bed. This is not enough and I take the purple flower out of the earth and replant it where there is a lot of space and light. The atmosphere is beautiful and I begin to sing to the flower. It starts to grow and grow and grow until the flower became a huge tree full with those purple flowers. I felt wonder looking at this tree and thousands of little purple flowers. I look up to this huge tree.

One of the attendants of the nursery asked me if I didn’t want a job with the nursery. But I said no and shift my attention to the tree. I ask the tree if he would give his purple flowers for healing and the tree is willing to give. He shakes all the flowers of the branches and they fall to the ground. Instantly green grows on the branches and a kind of moss grows on the trunk of the tree. I thank him for his gift to us.

More new dreams are following, in the mean time you can catch up on my dreams on this page: Dreamflight 2014 where I update with a few more new dreams.


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