The Future Depends on Our Upliftment

Openhearted Rebel


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Upliftment is a necessity in this time of heightened consciousness, and we can’t expect to uplift the rest of the planet if we aren’t in an uplifted state of mind ourselves. How can we help the rest of humanity if we can’t feel the good vibration that helps us thrive on such a difficult and painful world?

Despite all of the awful things that happen on this planet every day, it’s important to allow ourselves to be as positive and uplifted as we can, because we’re here to raise the planetary vibration and we can’t do this if we’re too down in the dumps.

We can’t do anything helpful or significant if we’re too busy feeling low all the time, so let’s look lowness in the face and boldly proclaim that it can’t stay. We won’t let it continue to…

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