Have You Let It All Go and Untangled From the Past??

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Man oh man, when spirit said the blow back of what you do or do not do returns faster than ever before, they weren’t shitting.  The day before the equinox, my team, which I heard loud and clear, suggested I take my contact out before I go to sleep that night.  Now, considering the first reading of that day said we will be plugged into the equinox energy as we go to sleep that night, should have been enough for me to be compliant.  Anytime we have a major energy influx and I have my contact in, my eye (I only wear one at a time for monovision) it becomes irritated as all hell because the energy gets trapped under the contact instead of allowed to flow thru the eye.  I thought about their suggestion for a minute, then declined.  What the hell was I thinking??  Like my team comes…

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