Valiant: Knock Knock…In Dreams, and Prophecy…Soulmates…Ascension…Alien Contact

Spirit Train Chronicles

In dreams and prophecy I’ve spoken of
September, as the Month to watch…
To behold, wait for…now here it is.
How it goes, no one knows…
But don’t expect bells and whistles of warnings
To go off…warnings will only come by
Your own instincts, your own senses…
Just pay attention, be careful and as always
Best behavior…and you should be fine…

The Weather will turn, changes will come…
Suddenly…as they always do.

The difference is now the stakes are much higher…
The dangers greater…and the effects on a
Much larger scale.
People will wake up over the next few months,
Like it or not, believe me…life won’t give them a choice.
Many won’t like it…steer clear of them,
You don’t need excess baggage now.

I’ve decided to go into some detail regarding
Re-occurring questions I get in email…
About Soulmates…Alien Contact…
Perhaps, Hopefully if I do this it will…

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