The Power Surge of Expansion is Underway!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

upgraded consciousness

This new story is already getting so darn exciting, and truly, we are simply in the prelude section!!  Sometimes tho, when I get into the start of readings, I forget which part of the story we are in.  There is so much to remember lol.  I want to focus today with two of the readings I had yesterday, they are telling us so much about chapter 1 of our new book of life.

My first man of the day, a beautiful soul I have had the privilege to watch grow, embrace and use his true divinity over the last few years.  He showed up suspended over the magnetic field I call the equinox (and please know, it is not a single day, but an energy field itself.)  His arms were stretched outwards, his legs slightly spread apart and he was nekkid as a jay bird!!  Yikes!!  Thank goodness spirit blurred…

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Have You Let It All Go and Untangled From the Past??

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Man oh man, when spirit said the blow back of what you do or do not do returns faster than ever before, they weren’t shitting.  The day before the equinox, my team, which I heard loud and clear, suggested I take my contact out before I go to sleep that night.  Now, considering the first reading of that day said we will be plugged into the equinox energy as we go to sleep that night, should have been enough for me to be compliant.  Anytime we have a major energy influx and I have my contact in, my eye (I only wear one at a time for monovision) it becomes irritated as all hell because the energy gets trapped under the contact instead of allowed to flow thru the eye.  I thought about their suggestion for a minute, then declined.  What the hell was I thinking??  Like my team comes…

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SaLuSa 26 September 2014

Spirit Train Chronicles


There are now two distinct groups of souls upon Earth, and these represent those who have opened their consciousness to the truth of their being, and those who are stuck in the lower vibrations and make little or no attempt to understand their position. Until such souls start to awaken to their true self they will continue to only believe what they see before their eyes. However, we do not condemn such souls in any way and we make allowances for those who are controlled by their ego. It is only experience that will bring about a shift in consciousness, when one starts to question the purpose of life. The truth will come to all given time, and this period upon Earth is the ideal time to bring up questions about the purpose of life. For those without some form of faith it is a very difficult time…

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The Equinox, the Bridgeway, The Firing of Your New DNA!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Happy Equinox everyone!!  Happy Spring/Fall.  Ohh hell, just be Happy!!  The extraordinary (that’s us) has just been reconfigured to extra-extraordinary!!

Thru the information field of my first reading yesterday, her team had said that when we go to sleep last night, we will be configured to the new magnetic frequency that unleashes itself today, thru the energy field we know as the equinox.  Well, she wasn’t kidding.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, I became semi-awake and could feel and hazily see my team messing around with my crown energy.  I was still to heavily in my sleep to really get involved in asking anything, but awake enough to remember that something was done.  It is only this morning do I realize it was the plug-in and whatever else happens with it, into the new.

Today would be a very good day to start reintroducing yourself to yourself.  Take some…

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“Falling” into the Grace of You – Welcome Autumn Equinox

Tania Marie

pema chodron

There is indeed a continuum of increasing shifts and transitions taking place for everyone on so many levels, which brings us yet again to another seasonal transformation, both within and without.

Yes, Autumn is upon us, and that heads us toward a period of less “light out there” so that we find the source of true “light in here” – within you. This is a time to make friends with your own inner darkness and nurturing it, as this engaged healing integration is vital for soul growth.

It is time to face your shadow! To mingle intimately with it and immerse in its gooey depths. To face your darkest fears and retrieve back into you all of the projections and separation created, so that you can transmute it through the alchemy of your heart.

You can no longer – the collective can no longer – function without this integration taking…

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White Jaguar and a Dream

Tania Marie

white jaguarWhat a difference a night can make. Two nights ago, on the 17th of September I had another of my fascinating active “dream” experiences.

Leading up to this in the days prior, I had been feeling a bit out of sorts, which happens when change is upon me and a lot of things come at me at once. It’s that void space where things are processing – old and new, you sift through these voices in order to weigh and balance with discernment, explore new feelings that challenge the old, travel the realms of possibilities, and even experience the temporary confusion, dissolution, and throwing up of your hands in surrender.

It made perfect sense to me, as I know myself and my cycles, hence I do not get anxious or worry when things get turned upside down. I’m also aware that I’ve been following the nudge to pull back more…

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Top 5 Quantum Jumping Myths — Busted!

RealityShifters Blog

CynthiaG2014sep16Gauging by some of the comments and questions I hear about reality shifts and quantum jumps, there is a fair bit of confusion about exactly what might be in store for someone contemplating making a quantum jump. Some recent reviews posted for Quantum Jumps at amazon indicate there are some pretty big misunderstandings about what it’s all about. Let’s take a look at the top myths about quantum jumps, and get some clarification about what’s going on.

MYTH #1: Quantum Jumps Only Occur in the Quantum Realm  

This misconception apparently comes about from the belief by some that the phrase “quantum jump” has been misappropriated, and resides only in the domain of quantum physics. As with many phrases in the English language, including many scientific concepts, what starts out meaning only one thing can often end up meaning much more. Some concepts are much more central than others, and can thus be expected to be encountered far…

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Quantum Jumping Tip: You’re Bigger than Any Situation

RealityShifters Blog


“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” – Albert Einstein

As children, we intrinsically know the joy and value of going beyond ourselves, every time we get the chance to play. When children play, there’s an implicit understanding that all is happening in a spirit of good fun, and even when playing games with “good guys” and “bad guys,” there’s a sense that at the end of the day, regardless what happened in the game, everything’s just fine.

Children know they are much bigger than the games they are playing, so a fresh start is possible every day. This sense of wellbeing comes from the realization that as engaging as games can be, they are just games. We are bigger than any game, any problem, any situation. And in being bigger, we can see solutions to problems from a bigger-picture point of view.

One technique that is a…

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Blood Moon, Lunar and Solar Eclipses of October.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

blood moon

Boy, when spirit said it is going to appear as if September is moving slowly, they weren’t kidding.  Time wise, it is zooming, but all that is happening in  it, energetically and for many, personally, seems to be creeping slower than a turtle.  Even in the readings, we are still in a massive choice point.  Granted the presentation of the field changes slightly every day, but our position in the imagery, not so much.

We have the moon, super large, incredibly textured as if someone took thick acrylic paint and made hunky swipes upwards of gold and bronze, the deep red I had been seeing in this color spectrum of the moon, seems to have faded from my view.  The magnetic button that represents the equinox is directly beneath the bottom of the moon, completely aligned to each other.  I still do not see the ground or earth itself, just…

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Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings

Blue Dragon Journal

Eagle Creek, Eagle Cap Wilderness

Eliza: On Dragons and Other Doings

It’s a beautiful day outside, cool and pleasant, yet I wanted to write something.

I’m having a difficult time connecting with anything to write about… so, in order to get started, I will share portions of my notes from a session that I had in early 2009, with a talented healer / seer.

“When Lady Aurelia first focused on my energy patterns, she saw a clear spirit, a tremendous Being of Light with a crown on her head. She expressed it as my being the queen of my planet, holding a place of authority.”

Interesting, given that while I’m not a queen, I am an aspect of a Light Being and highly evolved Soul.

“She said that in my vertical aspect, I was an Ascended Lady Master and that I express at a higher level than that, above. She could not determine whether that…

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