Andrea Scully: Whew! Information Overload!

Openhearted Rebel

too much information

Written by Andrea Scully, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 14, 2014

In the process of making it through the last nearly four years, since I stumbled on the 2012 Scenario (now Golden Age of Gaia) blog, the amount of information I’ve taken in is astounding.

I’m at the point where feeling like I’m on information overload.  This last year particularly has had so much of it coming in so fast that it’s truly unprecedented in my life.

Much of this is my own doing. As the lead moderator in the Golden Age of Gaia discussion forum, I’ve made it a habit to try to get an overview each day on the information that may of interest to the community.

Skimming and speed reading are helpful here, as is being signed up for multiple feeds from various places, even those that are known sources for disinformation. It’s been good…

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