Who is Ra? – Part 6: Parallel Lives and the Higher Self – 1/2

Openhearted Rebel

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned about the destruction of the planet Maldek and its civilization’s resulting decision to incarnate on the earth and clear the rest of their karma.

We learned that the creature who’s been referred to as ‘Bigfoot’ is commonly an incarnate soul from Maldek who’s clearing up second/third-dimensional karma, and we also learned that a significant percentage of people from Maldek have since become third-dimensional humans.

Now, we’re going to learn about the perceived simultaneity of this infinite spiral we call creation.

As we’ll learn, from Ra’s perspective, the parallel lives we experience in various other realms aren’t simultaneous in the sense that in each life features the same lessons or runs along the same thread.

I’ll let Ra explain the idea further, and in our first quote, we’re introduced to the true nature of our ‘parallel’ lives.

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